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About Everything Wiki » Health » INFOGRAPHIC: How correct is your posture?

INFOGRAPHIC: How correct is your posture?

22 May 2023, 13:14, parser
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Correct posture is not only beauty. It is also a guarantee of our health not only now, but also for years to come. Because now we may not notice the side effects of a hunched back, an outstretched neck or lowered shoulders. But in a couple of years we will be able to feel all the "charms" of our frivolity on our well-being. Problems with knees, pain in the spine and neck, headaches, problems with shoulders and hips — all this awaits us in the not so bright and not so distant future.

A few tips from coach Bill Hartman will help you avoid possible health problems and keep your spine in good condition.


So, you have problems with your spine if:

1.Look at your ear. If it is located above the front of the middle of the shoulder, it means that your head and neck are stretched forward too much.

2.If you can see your shoulder blade, then your back is too rounded.

3.A large convex arch in the upper back causes your body to lean forward.

4.The front part of the abdominal line is lower than the back, and the lower part of the spine is strongly curved inwards due to the front part of the pelvis (a protruding belly is obtained).

5.Look at your shoulders. They should be on the same level.

6.The kneecaps are slightly turned inwards and touch each other when the legs are straightened.

7.The toes are turned outward by more than 10 degrees.

In order not to spin like a top in front of the mirror, twisting your neck, ask your friends to take pictures of you from all sides. You should stand as straight as possible in a relaxed state (that is, simply take your usual position), your legs should be shoulder width apart. Then compare your photos with the picture above.

Is there a problem? So, we need to work on fixing them!

On my own, I can add that if the problems are not very neglected, an experienced masseur (after a doctor's examination) and a good yoga instructor will help you cope with them. When all the vertebrae are in their place, you will need to work well on the back muscles.

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