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About Everything Wiki » Health » 20 best fitness tips of all time. Part 2

20 best fitness tips of all time. Part 2

04 May 2023, 08:47, parser
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11. Lift heavier weights

Using heavier weights will not make you a clumsy heavyweight, but it will help you become stronger and protect you from osteoporosis by increasing bone density. To get the best effect, it is better to use a weight equal to 60-70% of your maximum. In other words, choose a weight with which you can perform 8-12 repetitions, and the latter should be given with maximum effort.

12. Use the right technique

In exercises such as squats, torso bends or deadlift, many instructors indicate that you should put your pelvis back as much as possible.

To do this correctly, imagine that you need to open the door with your buttocks. This will help you activate your lower body muscles without rounding your back.

13. Drink milk chocolate after a workout

After a workout, a mixture of carbohydrates, fats and proteins will help your body build muscle mass, reduce pain and recover faster. If you are limited in time or can't eat properly after a workout, then a tall glass of milk chocolate has the perfect combination of nutrients that you need.

14. Swing, then run

If you do strength training before a run or other cardio exercise, then you will burn more fat. Studies by Japanese scientists have shown that people engaged in this method lost weight twice as fast as those who did not do strength training at all.

15. Run through the hills

20 best fitness tips of all time

When climbing uphill, 9% more muscles are involved than when running on flat terrain. And the more muscles work, the faster progress will come. It can also save your knees: increasing the slope of the surface by just 3% can reduce the impact loads on the legs by 24%.

16. Don't stretch, warm up!

Static stretching performed before training can reduce your strength and increase the risk of developing some injuries. Instead, it's better to do an active warm-up, which will prepare your body for the main complex with exercises that increase your heart rate and warm up your muscles. The best way to do this is to use various exercise options with your body weight — jumping, push-ups, squats, and so on.

17. Use explosive loads

Explosive loads are associated with flight — it can be the flight of your body during various jumps or throwing weights, as in this exercise. ↓

Such exercises significantly increase your strength and muscle strength.

18. Write

When you do strength training or running, you are surrounded by dozens of statistical indicators that reflect your achievements. This can be the weight of dumbbells, the number of repetitions, mileage and pace of movement, and much more. Record your progress with the help of a training log or special fitness applications, which we have already talked about many times on these pages. Experience shows that those people who constantly keep a training log are much more persistent and, therefore, achieve results faster. This is a great motivating factor.

19. Recover with light loads

If you have really trained well, then your body has received a strong load and you feel pain in your muscles. The best way to recuperate and get a quick rest is not lying in bed, but light physical activity. They increase the metabolism in muscle tissues, accelerating recovery by 40%. Play basketball the next day after an active workout, rollerblade or do relaxing gymnastics.

20 best fitness tips of all time

20. Take pauses

You can really get a significant increase in strength and muscle mass if you sometimes make planned reductions in the intensity of training. A recent study found that those athletes who reduce their loads in the last week of each month get 29 percent better results.

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