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About Everything Wiki » Health » 10 ways to find time for sports

10 ways to find time for sports

03 May 2023, 19:00, parser
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The vast majority of people are well aware of the benefits of physical activity for health. But if you do a survey about the reasons they ignore physical exercise, then the most popular answer will probably be four words familiar to everyone — I DON'T HAVE TIME.

Yes, we live in a fast-paced age, and many of us really have a pretty busy schedule. Nevertheless, there are thousands of people who work no less, and maybe more than you, but this does not prevent them from paying attention to their health. Moreover, if you take a good look, then you can find quite a sufficient amount of free time for running, training or going to the gym. Shall we try?

First of all, please note that health promotion does not require mandatory hours of training at all. It is rather necessary for professional athletes striving for records and medals. For an ordinary person, even ten minutes of physical exercise a day will promote health, give energy and improve mood. In fact, new scientific research demonstrates that if previously inactive people start doing fitness for at least 15 minutes a day, they can reduce the risk of premature death by 14% and increase life expectancy by three years.

Also, remember that «training» does not necessarily have to take place in the gym and require expensive equipment! Short 15-minute bursts of physical activity, repeated several times during the day, are quite capable of strengthening your health, will help you find a slim and strong body. Well, the following tips will help you find the time for this.

1. Get up earlier

Sleep, of course, is of great importance for the overall state of the body and your mood, but why not get up at least 30 minutes earlier and devote this time to yourself? Morning workout has many advantages — it is a charge of energy and cheerfulness for the whole day, excellent appetite and mood. But the most important thing is that you do it at the very beginning of the day and no fatigue can stop you! In the evening, you can just relax after a hard day, spend time with family or entertainment.

2. Reduce media

Do a little experiment. Try to record how much time you spend every day watching TV, computer games, chatting on Facebook* or chats. Believe me, the recordings made will surprise you. I do not urge you to give up TV, computer and go to a mountain monastery, but a reasonable restriction of such a pastime can give you quite enough time for classes.

how to carve out time in your day for the right things

3. Be an active viewer

It's not realistic to give up sitting in front of the TV at all, otherwise how will we know how our favorite series ended? But no one ties you to a sofa or an armchair, right? Stretch, squat, do push-ups, do yoga or jump rope — you will get double benefits from such viewing. And such long advertising breaks are simply created for a physical shake-up for your body.

4. Active movements

The road to work and back takes half a lifetime for some, but even here you can find benefits. Try cycling to work or walking. Is it not working? Well, then you can just get off the bus to the stop earlier and walk this segment on foot. An extra thousand steps every day can significantly strengthen your body.

the benefits of hiking

5. Make it your habit

It's not difficult for you to find time to brush your teeth, right? Because it has become your habit, which has become ingrained in your consciousness. For habits, you do not need to look for time in your schedule, they follow you relentlessly, like a shadow. Try to start with a small exercise, for example, 10 minutes of charging before breakfast, an evening walk before going to bed or push-ups during advertising and make it your daily practice, your useful habit. Need help? Try this service.

6. Social activity

Man is a social being and cannot live without communication. But how is this communication going with you? Watching TV together with your family, going for a beer with friends and talking to colleagues in the smoking room? Try to change it for a nature outing with family, a football match with friends or joint jogging. Is it not working? Then switch friends.

7. Combine routine tasks with exercises

There is a lot of homework that does not bring us joy at all, but requires constant execution. Try to combine it with physical exercises. Set a timer for 20 minutes and try to start cleaning. Performing normal movements at a fast pace and with maximum impact can give you an excellent load.

How to combine ordinary household chores with physical exercises

8. Plan

If you have an appointment with a doctor, then you won't forget about it, right? What about an important business meeting? I'm sure not. It is necessary to do the same with physical activities, especially since it is no less important. Plan your day with the necessary workouts in mind, just as you add other urgent matters to your schedule.

9. Do what you like

I am sure that you rarely have problems with time for your favorite hobby. But if you don't really like some business, then you will constantly forget, postpone and postpone it. Therefore, find the kind of physical activity that you really like. Don't do, for example, yoga, just because it's fashionable, or running, because they write everywhere about how useful it is. It's better to look for something that really lights you up. From such classes you will get not only physical health, but also a good mood.

10. Say no

If you have read all the previous paragraphs, but have not yet found time for yourself in your busy schedule, then it's bad. So you need to radically change your system of goals and priorities. Do you really need this social burden in the parent committee? Are you absolutely sure that you are obliged to perform the role of a nurse for your sister's children? And what about an additional project at work, do you definitely need it? Remember, there is nothing wrong with saying the word "no" sometimes. Yes, we all have obligations to others, but we should not forget about our responsibilities to ourselves. Love yourself, take care of your body and health, no one but you will do it!

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