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About Everything Wiki » Get Rich » What kind of certificate to confirm income if you take a loan

What kind of certificate to confirm income if you take a loan

29 May 2023, 13:56, parser
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To get a loan from a bank, especially for a large amount, or to claim a more favorable interest rate on it, it is often necessary to confirm income. But if you have never done this before, it can be difficult to understand which documents to carry to a financial institution. There are possible options here.

Certificate of income and tax amounts of an individual

Previously, it was called the 2‑personal income tax certificate, but since 2021 the form has been changed. You can see how it looks in the order of the tax service Order of the Federal Tax Service of Russia dated October 15, 2020 No. ED‑7‑11/753@ "On Approval of the Form for Calculating the Amounts of Personal Income Tax Calculated and Withheld by a Tax Agent (Form 6‑Personal Income Tax), the Procedure for Filling It Out and Submitting It, the Format for Calculating the Amounts of Personal Income Tax Calculated and Withheld by a Tax Agent, in electronic form, as well as forms of a certificate of income received by an individual and withheld amounts of personal income tax" . The essence remains the same, the document states:

  • data about you and about the organization that pays you money;
  • how much money was paid to you for the selected period and how much you deducted taxes on personal income from them;
  • have you received any tax deductions.

In general, a certificate on this form for the previous year can now be provided on the tax website. But this option is not suitable for credit purposes, since the bank wants to see the latest data — usually also for a year. For example, you request a loan in April. On the website of the Federal Tax Service information about your income from January to December of last year is available . And you need information covering the period from April of the previous year to March of this year.

So for help, you need to contact the accounting department of the organization that pays you money. If there are several companies, you need to request papers in each. Moreover, this works with all tax agents who deduct personal income tax for you, it does not matter whether you have an employment contract or a civil contract.

Then you just have to collect the papers and send them to the bank.

Bank form reference

To get it, you first need to download the document on the institution's website and fill it out. It usually also needs to indicate how much money has been accrued over the past 12 months and how much of it has been paid in taxes. In order for the certificate to become valid, it must be signed by the head of your company or the chief accountant and stamped.

A logical question may arise: why do we need a document in the form of a bank, if it duplicates the previous certificate by filling? This can be useful for people with a gray salary, an understanding employer and a bank loyal to such schemes: an accountant can enter the amounts here as is, and not as it goes through the papers. The only problem is that for a company to fill out such certificates means to confess to non—payment of taxes, so not everyone is ready to do it.

Self-employed income statement

A self-employed person is not assigned to accounting, but it does not follow from this that he will remain without a certificate. For the self-employed, there is a special document that they can form in the "My Tax" application. Moreover, it is quite simple to do this. But there is also a minus: the bank may not be satisfied with this option.

Step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to get help are available in separate material.

Certificate of income of an individual entrepreneur

For sole proprietors, the set of documents depends on the taxation regime:

  • General taxation regime: for the previous year — a copy of the 3‑NDFL declaration with a certified tax notification that the Federal Tax Service has accepted the document; for recent months — the income and expense book (KUDiR).
  • Simplified and unified agricultural tax: a copy of the declaration on the USN with notification and KUDiR.
  • Patent: income accounting book.
  • Automated simplified taxation system: income statement, which can be obtained in the personal account on the tax website.
  • Professional income tax: a certificate generated in the "My Tax" application.

Before collecting documents, check the information in the bank. Maybe they will be satisfied with something simpler, such as an account statement, which will reflect the movement of funds.

Other references

A person's income is not necessarily and not only a salary. These can be scholarships, pensions, social benefits and so on. You need to take such certificates from the institution that actually pays you money: about a scholarship — at a university, about a social payment — in a social protection organization, about a pension — in a pension fund.

You can also attach, for example, a real estate lease agreement if you receive income from it. But it is better to find out in advance whether the bank has requirements for such securities. So, some accept contracts that are valid for at least 12 months at the time of presentation. And if we are not talking about commercial real estate, such contracts are infrequently concluded, since a document with a validity period of one year must be registered with the Federal Register.

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