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My experience with money

03 May 2023, 19:31, parser
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Money, salary, bonus, bonuses, allowances, discounts… Everyone is talking and thinking about money. After all, the concept of money is so simple that any child already understands it at the age of three. Yes, that there is a child, even monkeys understand it. Keith Chen was convinced of this during his experiments. When you reach for your wallet again, think about it: "What if a monkey handles money smarter than me?".

In order not to feel more stupid than a monkey, I adhere to the following principles:

Know how much money you need. It sounds corny. But you can answer such questions now: how much money do you need to maintain the same standard of living? Just for survival? And for a change in life (buying a car, marriage, and so on)? I am sure that you, like me, will have difficulties with instant answers to these questions. But monkeys do not have such difficulties. Therefore, they do not work more than they need to and feel happy.

Distinguish between cost and utility. Mobile phone manufacturers release new models every year, or even every month. It's hard to blame them for wanting to make more money by motivating us to change the tube so often. But what will change in your life if the camera in your phone is a couple of megapixels larger? The monkey doesn't care what kind of mobile phone to crack nuts with.

Create passive income. Probably, only a mute did not give advice to invest in his life. But there are no tricks in this:

  • Count the income
  • Count the cost of ownership
  • Assess the risks
  • and choose from the options those that are more interesting to you.

For some reason, many people forget some components. Then they will not take into account that in a rented apartment in a couple of years it would be necessary to re–glue the wallpaper - they will not count the costs of ownership. Then there is a crisis in the country and the bank does not return the deposit – they forgot to assess the risks. Then they will invest all the money in one asset – and who will consider several options? Even a monkey tries to raise several children, because what other options does it have for creating passive income.

Limit your expenses artificially. There is a spender in each of us. If you fight it every day, you can become a miser. Believe me, the second is much more unpleasant. Smart people have long come up with ways to limit themselves, which they choose themselves. Choose the right one for you. Among the simple, and therefore effective, I would recommend such:

  • The four-envelope rule
  • Maintaining any personal/family budget
  • Save a fixed part of your income for the future

All this cuts your expenses now, but makes your future more predictable. This is exactly what a chimpanzee does when hiding money from his goods for a rainy day, so that there is something to buy sweet grapes with.

Remember: money is just a resource to achieve your goals.

And what principles of handling money do you have?

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