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About Everything Wiki » Gadgets » We connect the Bluetooth headset to the computer + use it in Skype

We connect the Bluetooth headset to the computer + use it in Skype

03 May 2023, 13:01, parser
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Recently I bought my mom a mobile phone as a gift and the communication salon gave me a Bluetooth headset. A trifle, but nice. However, it is not at all clear why it would be useful to me — I do not drive a car, I minimize telephone communication as the main irritant.


But when working in a virtual team, we began to use Skype often because of the territorial diversity. So the idea came to my mind to "screw" the donated headset for Skype conversations.

Conceived — done :)

1. Connecting the headset to a PC.

To do this, when you turn on the switch, you need to hold the switch a little longer so that the LED starts flashing quickly.

Then initiate a search for a new device in your control panel for connected Bluetooth devices.

Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 23.06.29.png

2. Configuring the headset as an audio device in Skype.

In the Audio settings section, you can select the following parameters:

— Audio output: where the interlocutor's voice will go.
— Audio input: how your voice will be read.
— Ringing: where the incoming call signal will be heard.

In my configuration, the computer speakers are ringing, and the conversation takes place on a Bluetooth headset inserted in my ear.

Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 23.14.03.png

It is especially convenient that you can walk freely around the office, the main thing is not to move away from the PC further than 10 meters :)

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