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About Everything Wiki » Games » Digital sports: what is it and why it's worth trying to do it

Digital sports: what is it and why it's worth trying to do it

07 Jun 2023, 00:04, parser
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If you have tried on clothes online at least once or made an order in a cafe using a QR code, then you are already a little familiar with the concept. The word "digital" is formed by merging two others: "physical" and "digital". This term is called the union What is phygital? / Definition from TechTarget digital and real-world experiences using augmented or virtual reality technologies. Now digital is not only a tool for solving everyday problems, but also an opportunity to rethink entertainment. For example, he has already introduced new formats to the world of sports — we tell you how it works.

What are sports digital games

Digital sports are combinations of physical exercises and computer games. By the way, in Russia it is an independent sport. There are different formats, but there are two most popular ones.

1. Competition in a classic sport and in its virtual counterpart

Image: PeskyMonkey / Shutterstock

For such games, you need to assemble a team. First, the participants check who is stronger in a computer simulator, and then the match turns into reality. An important caveat: both parts of the competition are equal. In practice, it works like this. The football team plays the first half in FIFA, and the second half on the field. At the same time, all the goals scored in the cyber and classic match are summed up in the end. You can arrange a digital not only in football, but also in any sport that has a virtual version. For example, basketball — NBA, go—kart racing - Need for Speed.

Martial arts for teams is also easy to conduct in the digital format. For example, Mortal Combat will be suitable as a digital part. The rules can be organized as follows:

  • A draw is held before the start of the tournament.
  • Each fighter from the team plays one match in Mortal Kombat and one real fight with the same opponent.
  • The game in Mortal Combat lasts up to 2 wins, that is, a maximum of 3 rounds.
  • The real duel takes place in the format of 3 rounds of 3 minutes.

You can not only do digital sports with friends at home ‑ professional tournaments are also held in this format. For example, since 2022, such competitions will be organized in Kazan. Now the capital of Tatarstan is preparing to host a major international tournament "Games of the Future". It will take place in February 2024 and will consist of 16 disciplines, including drone racing and Speedrun, that is, high‑speed passage of computer games.

The online quest "Find a digital" from the team of the tournament "Games of the Future" will help you get to know the new format of sports better. It contains informative questions and riddles about different disciplines. Those who master all the tasks will become participants in the prize draw, including two game consoles. To get a chance to win, you need to answer all the questions by April 29.

Complete the quest

2. Competition in VR

Such tournaments are suitable for both one person and a company. The main thing is to get virtual reality glasses. As a rule, VR is used in tactical challenges and shooters. The player puts on a headset, takes a joystick and connects to the cybermen, turning into a virtual character. He jumps, runs, dodges obstacles while in one place. At the same time, the computer reads all the movements and automatically adjusts the gameplay to the player.

If you are not a big fan of classic shooting games, you can try quieter competitions in VR. For example, play golf with friends at Everybody's Golf or shoot arrows at QuiVr. By the way, it is not necessary to buy a headset — now virtual reality glasses can be rented.

Why is it worth trying such games

There are at least four reasons for this.

1. A familiar sport can become a digital

Image: ronstik / Shutterstock

If classic football, hockey or basketball are already boring, a digital game will help add new colors to them. By the way, in Russia there is a whole federation of this new format of sport, which introduces people to its features, holds competitions and even develops special regulations for its athletes.

2. The virtual part of the competition does not exclude training

On the contrary, it will be possible to pump all the same muscle groups, but in an unusual format. This is the main difference between digital and esports. In addition, games consisting of several stages require a little more time and attention than a simple trip to the gym.

3. The combination of sports with computer games trains not only muscles

There is data that proves Video game playing found beneficial for the brain / Kurzweil : gaming has a positive effect on the ability to navigate in space, memory, strategic planning and even fine motor skills of the hands. And switching attention from the virtual world to the real one also pumps the speed of decision-making.

4. Players get an unusual experience

At least at the expense of a virtual "training room" created by a computer. If in doubt, remember how technology has already improved our lives and leisure. Take at least a movie. Previously, favorite movies had to be caught in the program of programs, but today they are easy to watch at any time on online platforms. By the way, acquaintance with digital can also be started as a spectator. And if you like it, retrain into a full-fledged player.

Watching the battle of the teams in the digital competitions is just as exciting as in classic football or hockey. 2000 athletes from different countries will participate in the "Games of the Future" in 2024, and the competition will last nine days. The organizers promise that the program will include special events for the audience, including workshops. It will be possible to watch the competitions through online broadcasts. There is a little less than a year left before the "Games of the Future". In the meantime, on the organizers' website, you can complete the quest "Find a digital" and get a chance to win prizes. It is easy to follow the news of the project in the Telegram channel or in the VKontakte community.

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