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About Everything Wiki » Work and Study » 50 ideas to do during a break at work

50 ideas to do during a break at work

03 Jun 2023, 12:01, parser
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To cheer up

1. Do some stretching exercises right at your desk to relax your muscles from the monotonous pose.

2. Go outside and walk around the building twice. If it's too cold, go down and up the stairs a few times.

3. Offer to go get coffee for everyone. You will receive the necessary dose of caffeine and at the same time the gratitude of colleagues.

4. If you need to make a call, go outside or into the meeting room and talk on the go. Movement together with conversation will energize you.

5. Take a nap for 15 minutes. For example, in the car or somewhere else where no one will see you. After that, you will feel much more cheerful.

6. Read something inspiring. Or watch motivational TED talks.

To recharge the brain

1. Try the brain simulator Lumosity. Neuroscientists have developed exercises that train basic cognitive abilities: memory, attention, problem solving.

2. Read useful articles that have been added to bookmarks. You'll get distracted and maybe learn something new.

3. Watch the beginning of yesterday's edition of some evening show. So you will quickly find out the news and laugh.

4. Have a snack with something useful. Blueberries, black currants, leafy greens or nuts will help the brain work better.

5. Bring an interesting non-work-related book to the office and read it during breaks. A good book will inspire you.

6. Write something! For example, a blog post or a short story about what is happening in the office. Or start working on the book you've always dreamed of writing.

7. Learn a foreign language in some application. To replenish the vocabulary, just a couple of minutes a day is enough.

To chat

1. Invite a colleague to drink coffee or hold a meeting on the go. At the same time, you can discuss the accumulated ideas or ask for advice.

2. Cheer up your colleagues with a funny picture.

3. Leave the office and call someone close to you. Just ask how their day is going.

4. Ask the colleagues with whom you communicate closest to share the funniest joke. Then buy the winner coffee.

5. Thank someone who helped you recently. It is not necessary to write a long letter, a couple of lines will be enough.

6. Praise one of your colleagues. Remember why you like working with them or what they do better than others.

7. Do you have time for a break, but do your colleagues have it? If another department urgently needs help, help. Colleagues will appreciate it and will help you out next time.

To spend time productively

1. Clean up the phone. Delete unused apps, sort photos, sort apps into folders. Move the apps you use daily to the home screen. At the same time, change the wallpaper.

2. Choose one of the projects you are currently working on and arrange a ten-minute brainstorming session. Stock up on leaflets and a marker and write down everything that comes to mind.

3. Update your passwords. It is best that the phrase includes lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and at least one special character. Do not use the same password for mail and social networks. In order not to forget new passwords, use password manager.

4. Clean up your desk drawers or nightstand. Throw away old gum, pens that don't write, straightened paper clips and other garbage.

5. Improve your mailbox. Write response templates and set up an answering machine.

6. Unsubscribe from unnecessary mailings. Everything you haven't read for a month just clogs up your inbox.

7. Rename the documents and put them in their places. Then you won't have to search for the file your boss needs for five minutes.

8. Delegate some task. Try to free up time for what you love.

To advance your career

1. Go to Pinterest. But instead of recipe boards or DIY, look for something career-related. For example, a selection of impressive resumes, work suits or cool companies that you would like to work for.

2. Look in social networks what others have achieved recently. Has someone written a book? Changed the design of the site? Did he speak at the conference? You can write a letter of congratulations to your close friends.

3. Scroll through the feed, see what your friends are writing about. Congratulate those who have been promoted or got a new job. It is not known when these connections may be useful to you.

4. Sit back and dream. Not about a vacation on the beach, but about what you want to achieve in your career in five or ten years. Do you want a more creative position? A job that allows you to travel a lot? Own a business? Do not think about what needs to be done for this yet. Just let yourself dream.

5. Subscribe to talented people who have achieved something. Stay tuned for their updates and tips.

6. Put your professional profile in order.

7. Find courses you would like to enroll in, or a conference you would like to attend. Think about how to save money for this, or persuade the boss to pay the expenses.

To relax

1. Don't do anything for two minutes. Seriously, there is even a special website. You just need to relax, listen to the sound of waves and not move the mouse.

2. If you are worried about something, write down these thoughts on a piece of paper, and then throw it away.

3. Find new wallpapers for your desktop: a beautiful landscape, an inspiring quote or a photo from your vacation. And it's even better to choose several and change them every month.

4. Go to your favorite coffee shop and buy yourself some warm and delicious drink. Sit down and enjoy every sip.

5. View photos from different parts of the Earth on the Google Earth website.

6. Take a notebook and a pen and write down your thoughts. It's okay if nothing brilliant comes to mind. Write down what you feel and what you are grateful for. This is enough to relax.

To get completely distracted

1. Turn on your imagination and add interesting items to the list of what you want to do in life. Keep such a list in a regular notepad or note-taking application.

2. Go to any entertainment site.

3. Turn on your favorite work playlist. It should have songs that inspire you, but don't distract you from your work. If you need to write, instrumental music is better suited.

4. Change office supplies to make the workplace look more professional.

5. Read funny comics.

6. Draw a picture in the spirit of Picasso using neural network.

7. Go to the back room for new stationery. Or look for something beautiful online.

8. Make a beautiful sculpture out of office supplies.

9. Invite a colleague to compete in office chair races.

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