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About Everything Wiki » Gadgets » 5 free photo editors for Android

5 free photo editors for Android

03 May 2023, 13:01, parser
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Who among us has not posted slightly blurred photos from the phone on Twitter or in some LiveJournal? Why are we doing this? Most likely to be operational. I saw something, took a picture, and shared it with my friends. Instead of the chain, I photographed — processed it in Lightroom — corrected it in the photo editor — posted it. In this case, you can forgive a bad picture. But in order to somehow ease the situation, LX publishes a list of photo editors for mobile devices on the Android platform. There are enough apps for the iPhone and everyone knows about them. With Android, the situation is different.



Quite a powerful editor. There are several effects like distortion, cropping the picture, adding labels and the like. Using PicSay, you can also make a color correction of the image. In a word, to bring mobile photography into a human form - quite.



This application puts effects of various cameras and lenses on the picture. For example, you can take a Polaroid-style photo or even shoot it as if with a fisheye lens. The effects are superimposed during post-processing, the application does not work in real time.

Adobe Photoshop Express


Yes, this is Express on your Android device. Of course, it is not necessary to expect the capabilities of an “adult” editor, but the application is able to transform a photo or perform color correction.

Camera Illusion


This application works just in real time. You can apply filters even when shooting to get a funny picture. There aren't a lot of effects, but it's a mobile app, right?



The just for fun app. You can bet that all the editors in the review are made for fun. But this is not quite true. This program also works with various filters, adds frames and other emoticons to the photo.

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