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About Everything Wiki » Food » Netizens share unsuccessful and frightening Christmas dishes: 12 photos

Netizens share unsuccessful and frightening Christmas dishes: 12 photos

11 Jun 2023, 00:04, parser
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Photos of poorly prepared dishes are often published on Reddit — or just questionable recipes that someone has decided to implement. And if experiments are allowed at the usual time, then the festive table raises the stakes. We collected a dozen examples when the cook obviously failed to decorate the Christmas dinner.

1. An attempt to cook stuffed eggs was unsuccessful: out of two dozen, only one turned out — and that looked dubious.

Photo: jempai / Reddit

2. The author made an apple pie — only he took oranges instead of apples. His family didn't appreciate the idea.

Photo: jlptp2 / Reddit

3. A terrible idea with excellent execution: green peas in lime jelly, garnished with mustard and sweet and sour sauce. This is complemented by small marshmallows and ginger cookies. You can serve it hot or cold — but be sure to people you hate.

Photo: YouWantSumFuck99 / Reddit

4. The baking bag melted in the oven and stuck to the turkey.

Photo: Prof_Farnsworth_1010 / Reddit

5. An attempt to cook donuts in the form of a polar bear.

Photo: brotononreddit / Reddit

6. Strawberry fries. Now you've definitely seen everything.

Photo: nosleepbrooklynn / Reddit

7. The saddest Christmas salad.

Photo: Prepuci / Reddit

8. When you have not only a little salami, mushrooms and dough, but also imagination.

Photo: boobdoodler69420 / Reddit

9. That's why the turkey is baked in the oven, and not cooked in a slow cooker.

Photo: BarmoDelancy / Reddit

10. The author showed the traditional Christmas sandwich of his girlfriend's twin sister (yes, just bread with mashed green peas). Against the background of the chair that she broke an hour earlier.

Photo: christley / Reddit

11. Gingerbread house, only instead of gingerbread — instant noodles.

Photo: yik_yaking / Reddit

12. An attempt to cook brownies without eggs — instead of which they just added more butter.

Photo: SpicyKittyNoodles / Reddit

Bonus: cereal on the morning of December 25, when the milk in the refrigerator is over, but the liquor is not.

Photo: DrunkCanadianGuy /Reddit
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