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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » My IRONMAN: 10 days before the start, illness, disaster of skill, one from Ukraine

My IRONMAN: 10 days before the start, illness, disaster of skill, one from Ukraine

08 May 2023, 09:47, parser
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I haven't told you about my affairs for a long time, but it doesn't matter. I'll tell you everything now :)

In the last story I promised you that I would run a marathon. The marathon didn't work out. Either I, or the organizers messed up something, but I ran 10 km, which I was very happy to admit. I overcame this distance along the Kiev hills:

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 16.21.37

The result is not mega-champion, but there was some unimaginable thrill to participate in this start. I managed to become the 74th out of 597 participants, which I consider a personal victory. Several pros also ran with us, so everything is fair :)


There was another start — the "Run under the chestnuts" — a 5-kilometer distance, which I personally went to with a plan to run out of 20 minutes. Ran out. Time 19:53. Finished so beautifully (anticipating the question "ON THE HEEL?!" — no, it's already the finish line and I stop with my heel):


But the most interesting thing about running under chestnuts is not the run itself, but a children's race. By an oversight of the organizers, the cones were installed so that the kids ran 1.8 km! With us, their dads. But the distance scared me when we finally finished :) My 6-year-old Vanka was able to overcome this distance in 11 minutes (average pace 6:04), which made me respect the kids as runners. Not all of my adult acquaintances can do this. The reason for this speed was probably the fact that he was doing taekwondo in Thailand and ran a couple of km in the jungle every day 7 days a week :) Beware of Thai kids, obese Ukrainian kids :)))


I ran a little on forest trails and this is the coolest run available to us. I'm telling you exactly.


I managed to roll many, many kilometers along the roads of Kiev on my highway, from which he, poor, begins to fall apart wherever possible. Broken roads are not given to Italian elegance without a trace. At one of the races, my friend Vova Degtyarev broke off a piece of a bicycle just on the road from vibration.


It turned out that in Kiev, most repair shops just shy away from bicycles of this type. They say something like "Oh, no, it's too difficult" or "I won't risk climbing there, yes!" Except to wish these losers to fix only ashanbikes all their lives, I have nothing left. Rays of hate to them all from me and my friends. Although Vova found a workshop where carbon was cooked for him. Such a rarity.

I also rode in a group of cyclists. A cool topic for understanding how much aerodynamics means! It is difficult to describe, but be sure to try with more experienced comrades.


He shared with mishka an Olympic 1980 production bike. Judging by his face, he liked it.

Photo 6

There are only 10 days left before the start. I was lucky, and after a series of humiliations related to my place of residence, I received an Italian visa.

Photo 7

So now you can't get away from the trip — tickets are bought, the hotel is booked, the company is found, participation is paid :) By the way, at the whole start I am the only resident of Ukraine. And it would be fine if I went to play curling… It's a shame for the country. But I feel good, I feel almost like an Olympian! A representative of the country, no less!!!

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 17.11.38

By the way, suddenly you missed it, but he's coming with me (or I'm with him :) our new temporary author is Alexander, who tells his unusual story of preparing for this start on our pages (1, 2, 3, 4).

By the way, as I planned last time, I managed to lose weight from 70.5 kg to 67! It was the target weight for the start and I reached it. I will not be able to fully tell you how to do this on the pages of a Life Hacker, but in a few months you will be able to read about it on the pages of a paper book of my authorship.

Photo 8

Problems have not spared me. I earned myself some very figgy form of otitis externa and was lying around with a temperature for a couple of days. I cured one ear in a week — the second one got sick. I hope that it will be possible to cure completely before the start, since it is very dangerous to climb into the water with otitis media. Well, or earplugs and run where everyone is running :) Laughter and sin. Also, a strange injury has inflamed — the periosteum, which I wrote about earlier. On nerves, I do not give myself rest and just overworked again at the races on the Kiev hills. It turns out that I do compresses before the start and don't run anywhere anymore. Peace, yoga and meditation :) Now I have what I have and nothing can be fixed, you can only spoil it.

Photo 4

The next report, the final one, will be after the race. I hope I won't disappoint you. Be healthy and don't forget about the Lifehacker Running Cup, which will end very soon, but everyone can enter it!

Photo 3

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