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How to choose running shoes

03 May 2023, 19:05, parser
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A small compilation from the magazine «Runner’s World» made by readers of the Leper Colony website.

1. The heel should be held firmly, but not too tightly compressed. Pull the laces out of the topmost holes. Lace up tightly, without squeezing, sneakers. Now, with some effort, the heel can be pulled out of the sneaker without unlacing. Insert the laces back into the extreme holes, lace up tightly. Now the heel does not slip out, but it has a small stroke. If the heel walks freely, it is better to change the model of sneakers.

2. The top should fit snugly, do not put pressure on the top of the foot at any points. If there are friction points, then you can try to change the lacing method, there are a lot of different ones.

3. In the widest part along the base of the little finger, the foot should be able to move slightly from side to side, but not clinging to the edges of the insoles. Firmly press the foot in the sneaker to the inside. In the area of the base of the little finger, 3-5 mm of free space should be formed.

4. During a long run, the foot swells slightly and lengthens. With tight lacing, the fingers should move up and down freely enough. There should be 5-10 millimeters of free space in front of the longest toe.

5. Check the fold line. When putting on, rest your toe on the floor and press on the heel. The fold line of the sneaker should correspond to the bend line of your foot. Approximately perpendicular to the sole, without skew. The arch of the foot will hurt from the distortions, flat feet will develop. If a significant effort is required to bend, if you feel that your foot is bending tight, then this will lead to Achilles tendon pain and calf muscle pain.

6. Arch of the foot. It would be good to know the type of your arch. It is best to visit a sports orthopedist for this. If you are under 25 years old, then age-related changes in the bones of the foot are not very noticeable yet, or you are too lazy to go to the doctor, then you can take a wet test on the website, for example, Mitsuno. The bottom line is that you step on a piece of paper with a wet foot at home and roughly determine the type of your foot by the shape of the remaining spots. But I would still recommend an orthopedist. The arches of the legs may differ and it is better to insert corrective insoles into the sneakers. If you don't figure out your arches, then you won't get pleasure from running. It will hurt to run, your feet will ache. If the foot is in a neglected state, then it is possible to reach the bone corns.

Common mistakes when buying crosses

1. Do not chase the appearance. Convenience first of all. In any case, do not buy sneakers that look cool on you if they are at least slightly uncomfortable. Then you will regret the money thrown away.

2. Do not buy tight-fitting sneakers. Women especially like to buy slightly smaller shoes. This is fraught with black knocked-down nails after the first run and blisters on the skin of the foot. Play with your toes «on the piano », the front part should be spacious enough.

3. The size of the foot varies at different times of the day. Come to buy shoes around the time when you plan to run.

4. For example, you came to the store, carefully chose your sneakers, but did not buy them, but came home and ordered the same model over the Internet for one and a half times cheaper. Well done! Then, knowing your size, you ordered another pair of the same company, but they did not fit! This happens almost always. Different shapes of blanks are used for different models.

5. Beware of fakes, there is a lot of this shit on the Internet.

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