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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » Your records and where they will take you in real life

Your records and where they will take you in real life

03 May 2023, 17:05, parser
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Our regular reader Ruslan Serazetdinov sent us words of gratitude for the project "Run, Life Hacker, run" and shared his story. It has already been published on his personal blog, but we will give it in full here — we liked it so much!

Yesterday I set a personal record. At a distance of 1 km, he maintained an average speed of 10 kilometers per hour. For me, this is an event — and not only because I crossed some bar with a figure that many do not understand. By itself, running in the last couple of months has allowed me to feel (not just to understand, but to pass through myself) several important moments about our life.

At the beginning of October, I suddenly started running. Suddenly for himself, for others, for the family. Somehow, unexpectedly, I put on the first sneakers that were lying around at home, a tracksuit and went to Uritsky Park. There I ran... some ridiculous distance, suffocated to hell, drove my legs to an indescribable heaviness, arrived home all wet. And a couple of days later I went to the park again. And he ran again. And so, judging by the indicators of the RunKeeper program, about 2 months have passed.

Now I calmly run about 4-5 km at a time at a light jog (I don't like this word, but not at a trot, after all) And yesterday, I repeat, I crossed the psychological speed limit of 10 km/h. And that's what I realized in these couple of months — not only and not so much about running, but about life in general.

1. We always have a reserve of strength. Whether bodily, spiritual, moral, intellectual. There is always a reserve. It is enough for a jerk of about 20% to the scheduled finish (time, deadline or other demarcation lines). And no matter how much the muscles (heart, soul, mind) ache, we can always say to ourselves, Damn it, get together! There's just nothing left, push it up!» And push. We have this stock.

2. Look for your pacemakera. There is such a thing as pacemaker in running. I wasn't looking for a literary translation, I know roughly that pacemaker is a rhythm maker. Such a speed holder at a distance. Before the competition, the organizers are even looking for pacemakers who can keep the rhythm. For example, to run ten in 30 minutes. Or a marathon (42 km) in 2 hours. And so on. And such a rhythm maker should be in front of your eyes. If he is not there, then we need to find him. Invent. Visualize. Look at the photo (in my case, probably Rupert Murdoch or some other media mogul) and chase him.
Perhaps, for someone, you will become such a «rhythm maker ». So, my 6-year-old daughter, looking at me, started doing exercises. Sometimes in the evenings he takes up dumbbells :)

3. Perseverance and repetition are 80% of success. Yes, everyone already has this thought stuck in their teeth and other parts of the body, but that's the way it is. Sometimes you run-you run and think «well, bl***, where is this fourth kilometer already?!?!?»№;;»№;»№;%№»;:???:%»№!№»!» And you're already thinking — no, I won't get there, no, no, and don't persuade me. And then the smartphone with the voice of the program declares «Distance — 4 kilometers». And you understand — yes, if I've already run 4, then I'll pull a five! And you run on.
It's the same in career, business, life. Move your legs a little. Make a couple more calls. Write another letter. Go to the right person. Don't give up until the finish. Play to the end. Until the judge says stop, it's already good, it's time to go home, and you're still running around here))))

4. The availability of equipment (start-up capital, connections or something else) is not the main thing. I run in the most broken-down crosses, in an ordinary tracksuit, which has been lying on the mezzanine for a long time. The only thing I really need is a path in the park. Oh yes, there's also the RunKeeper program for tracking speed, time and distance — and it's free)))

A similar case happened to me and my wife at the start of the Eurocinder (now sold). We started with 9 (nine) thousand rubles. With this money, we bought a batch of goods, invited neighbors, relatives and friends to visit and, thanks to the efforts of my wife, sold everything with a profit of 100% in the first week. After two months of such trade, interspersed with posting ads on the poles of the district, as well as blogging on the Internet, we opened the first children's stock and second-hand luxe store, which at the same time turned out to be the first of its kind in Russia.

5. The main thing that I realized two months before my personal record, — is that a person has a huge amount of strength and energy. If we are responsible for our lives, then we direct these forces to quite positive, right things — business, career, building a high-quality personal life. If we prefer passive pastime, then we are left with the Internet, TV, beer and other delights of the consumer image of underlife. Everyone has their own.

But everyone has the strength.

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