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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » My Ironman: Our cities are run by idiots

My Ironman: Our cities are run by idiots

03 May 2023, 17:04, parser
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As soon as the snow fell, I have only one thing in my head — our cities are run by idiots who not only don't like us, they don't like themselves. If you have the same incentive to run as I do, then wet feet, ice blocks, gloomy passers—by looking at their feet are your interior for training. Sad...


This week I continued training on the bike, which is on the machine at my house. I train to spin evenly for 30-40 minutes at medium speeds, but I can't do more than 30 minutes yet. It's all the fault of the seat, to which my fifth point will not get used in any way — it hurts a lot. We get used to it further. Against the pain, I decided to stimulate myself with numbers, as it usually turned out, and therefore I had to buy a bicycle computer — such a thing that measures the revolutions of the wheel and, according to a given radius, gives mileage. I bought the cheapest one, since it makes no sense to spend money on an expensive one — there will be an iPhone with a RunKeeper and real numbers on real trips. But when I bought this stuff for 160 UAH, I didn't take too much into account. For example, the fact that the front wheel is not spinning, but the rear wheel, and therefore the wiring from the sensor to the computer on the steering wheel simply does not reach. And his settings are strange, he thinks badly. In general, I continue to drive for a while.


In parallel with cycling, I continue to improve the technique of running on socks, which you were told about earlier. It turns out very quickly and the really familiar pain sensations simply do not appear. But it became very painful because of the crepotura on the calves, which before that simply did not know real work. By the way, I realized my speed in the new type of running when, a few days ago, I heard in my ears a message from the rankmaster that my average Pace was 3:20 min/km and it lasted a whole kilometer, on which I did not die. Before, I couldn't run like that for a long time and slowed down very much.

Knowledgeable people said that I am being driven by switching so immediately to a new type of running, and it is necessary gradually. Slow down... and you be careful!

Running quite straight on your toes, you can't do more than 3-4 km at a time — your calves get very tired. That's why I just don't run any further — I don't want to mess around.

But on Sunday, Vova Degtyarev and László Varga and I broke off on a forest run at 7:00 on Sunday.


Ice and asphalt were 20 percent of the route, the rest of the route is a hilly forest with snow 10-15 cm deep and wet mud puddles. I thought I was going to die :)


Take a closer look at my jacket — it kind of says: "Yes, he's going to fall dead right now!" :) Thanks Laszlo held back.


But I managed to never go on the heel — I ran on my toes and on a full foot. Torment in training gives results!

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 2.14.08 PM

It was very difficult, but the finish from it was just amazing. Run through the forest. But not in summer cross-country like me.

During this winter trial, sometimes I had to run on ice. It was not a run, but some kind of dance of the reach - we held on to the trees so as not to fall. But not Vova! Vova had some very cool things on his sneakers called "Ice walks" because of which he did not take a step on the ice - a cool thing. It doesn't cost much at all.

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 2.26.42 PM

By the way, quite unexpectedly, Adidas offered to help us and now we will try their clothes and shoes, and at the same time I will save some money for my training. I've been out of the shopping budget for a very long time! In the near future, before leaving for Tai, I will run in their water—permeable ClimaWarm crosses - let's try how it is.


But the season of New Year's gifts is not over yet. Newton crosses were sent to our Ulyanovsk office — very cool crosses that are made by the author of the book Natural Running (if you read in English, then must!). I will also test them for myself and for you, but only in the warmth of Thailand, it's a pity to dirty in the black "mud" of your favorite city.


By the way, I finally had a chance to try gels for long-term workouts — these are such special high-calorie food gels for refueling runners. Well, what can I tell you — varenka, but only without seeds :) Sweet and nutritious!


And here's another motivating photo for you — a month has passed :) I used to wear them without a belt.


And here's what I continue to say hello to:


Run more ;) And write your discoveries, observations and stories. They will inspire thousands of our readers.

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