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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » REVIEW: "Life without borders"

REVIEW: "Life without borders"

03 May 2023, 17:04, parser
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It was one of the most inspiring and sincere books I've read!

The author of the book is Chrissy Wellington, who is nicknamed Kona Queen. And this nickname was given to her for a reason — she was able to win four times in the hardest IRONMAN series competition in a Horse.

But it's not just for winning that people love Chrissy. Finishing almost always one of the first, she stays on the finish line and is greeted first by professional colleagues, and then by amateurs who can finish many hours after her. Thanks to her, these finishes are always very emotional and colorful!


What is the book written by Chrissy about? About the life of a legend. Moreover, the story begins with girlish experiences and troubles that exist in the life of every girl. Then Chrissy tells how she went to the civil service and shrank there as a person. Only at the age of 30! she entered professional triathlon and a crushing flurry of her victories began.

When you read the book, it will seem to you that you were with a lifelong friend on a walk and she told you all this. Everything is so frank and honest.


But the author tells not only about life. In addition to the story about coaches, victories, an old donkey bike, there are quite specific tips for professionals and amateurs. And in the edition of Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, the chapter "50 tips for preparing for the race from Chrissy" is also included — in fact, this is pure wisdom useful to amateurs. Like you and me.

Be sure to read the book if you are 30 or so and you do not believe that life is still changing for you, if you are an athlete and are looking for inspiration, if you are thinking about participating in triathlon competitions, if you want to talk frankly with a "friend", a four-time champion of Kona!


Paper book


E-book in English

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