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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » Running in faces: Konstantin Bozhko

Running in faces: Konstantin Bozhko

03 May 2023, 13:16, parser
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I want to tell you right away that I haven't given up running, I'm not tired (oddly enough) and even have a desire to achieve more. I just rubbed my leg a lot, so now I'm not very comfortable walking, and it's even scary to think about running. Therefore, I will take advantage of a break in my running activities and introduce you to Konstantin Bozhko, the head coach at the Running Club of the Kiev Marathon.

Konstantin answered several questions about how long he has been running, whether he uses mobile gadgets or special programs for running and gave an answer to a question that for me personally has remained unanswered until now — when exactly did he realize that he liked running and what he felt at the same time!

In: How long have you been running?

About: He started running on April 4, 2008. I remember this date very well, the first run, the first 10 km. After that, I walked like a compass for three days.

In: When and how did you realize that running is your sport (when the passion woke up)? I am particularly concerned about this question, since the main topic of the subproject is not so much just running, but about whether a hot feeling can arise on the 5th attempt.

About: About the fact that running is my kind of 100% not sure until now, it is not known what will happen in 5 years, for example. Before that, I was engaged in various sports, including team sports (volleyball, football), but my main successes and achievements are related to running. So to say «tightened » after the third run, when I really began to enjoy the feeling of flight and speed.

In: Do you use any mobile gadgets and programs during training?

About: The only gadget I have is a wristwatch with a Casio stopwatch. I strongly do not recommend beginners to run with music in their ears — at least it is unsafe.

In: What competitions did you take part in?

About: For three years there have been quite a lot of different starts, including 8 marathons, the World Mountain Running Championship. But the main and most interesting of course is the ultramarathon «Des Sables» — 260km across the sands of the Sahara Desert.

In: What do you think about when you run a marathon?

A: I think first of all about the running time of each kilometer, sometimes I switch to the surrounding landscapes, the reactions of spectators and rivals.

In: What would you recommend to beginners?

About: For beginners. As the ancients said, hurry slowly and remember that running is not a goal for today and tomorrow, running is for life.

In more detail about running technique, safety rules, warm-up and psychological aspects, because of which beginners often quit jogging, I will ask Konstantin personally when I arrive at one of the training sessions of the running club.

And soon in our blog there will be a short interview with Mikhail Ivanov — the head of the publishing house » Mann, Ivanov and Ferber », who is also an experienced runner.

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