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About Everything Wiki » Survival » 16 pain points, blows on which will strike the offender

16 pain points, blows on which will strike the offender

03 May 2023, 19:10, parser
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You were attacked, a fight broke out, there is a threat to your health and even life — you need to save yourself. First of all, aim at the most sensitive parts of the body: eyes, ears, nose, groin. There are other vulnerable places where nerve endings and internal organs are not protected by bones. But remember: these blows can lead to serious damage and even death of the enemy. Use them only if you are really in serious danger.

Pain points

1. Base of the skull

Such a blow can cause damage to the spine. Apply it only as a last resort.

2. Kidneys

After such a blow, the opponent will experience sharp pain in the back and abdomen. For maximum effect, aim at the points on the sides where the edges end.

3. Coccyx

The last vertebra of the coccyx is small and fragile. If you sharply hit it with the toe of your shoe at the right angle, it can break. At the same time, the attacker is waiting for an attack of incredible pain that reverberates in the lower back and legs.

4. Jaw joint

Hitting the opponent right under the ear, you can break his jaw. Most often, this ends the fight instantly.

5. Side neck

This punch not only looks spectacular on the screen — it really works. Sharply hit the opponent's neck from the side: the carotid artery is located there. With such a blow, you will touch the vagus nerve, and this will lead to severe dizziness, and in some cases even to loss of consciousness.

6. The base of the throat

The trachea is located there — one of the most vulnerable places in the body. Even a light blow to the trachea can damage the larynx and lead to suffocation. Hit this place only as a last resort and do not forget about the consequences.

7. Armpits

A sharp blow to the armpit will weaken the attacker's arm, and this will make him more vulnerable.

8. Solar plexus

This is the place where the sternum ends and the abdomen begins. A good kick or kick to the solar plexus will make the opponent bend in half.

9. Bladder

The pain from such a blow does not go away for a very long time. And if the bladder is full, then its emptying will also occur.

10. Knees

The ligaments and tendons that hold the knee joint in place will not withstand a sharp sideways shift. Aim with your foot so as to move the knee and tear the ligaments. This will immobilize the attacker.

11. Ankles

If you step on the opponent's ankle with all your strength, you can damage the joint and tendons. Especially if you are wearing heavy shoes.

12. Groin

Everyone knows what this will lead to. Pain and more pain.

13. Chin

From a blow to the chin, you can lose consciousness. With such a blow, the head turns so sharply that the brain literally shakes.

14. Whiskey

A strong blow to the temple will make you lose consciousness and can cause serious brain injury.

15. Nose

It's not difficult to break a nose. Bleeding and pain from a fracture will stop most attackers. In addition, the nasolacrimal canal is activated upon impact, which further disorients the enemy.

16. Eyes

By hitting the eye or pressing hard on both, you can permanently deprive a person of sight. Use this technique only as a last resort. It is enough to put a little pressure on the eyes, as a result of which a lot of tears will stand out. And you will have a chance to escape while the attacker sees nothing.

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