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About Everything Wiki » Education » Byki 4 interactive flashcards for learning languages

Byki 4 interactive flashcards for learning languages

03 May 2023, 04:50, parser
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Main window

A few months ago on the pages we have already touched on the topic of software and web services for learning English and memorizing other information. This is a somewhat heavy-to-start HeadMagnet with training sheets and somewhat ascetic, but easy-to-use Anki and its training decks. Today we will talk about an advanced, but still free analogue of Anki — Byki 4 Express.


The first stage of each lesson is to look at the cards — a word in Russian and its equivalent in English. Most phrases have a picture, and a male or female voice of the announcer voices the phrase in Russian. In the right area of the Byki interface, the scale of the exercise and the percentage of completion of the entire sheet are displayed. In case of errors, the indicators of the arrows will fall.

If you are interested in learning English, then be sure to check out the articles by Vladimir Yashnikov "Learning foreign languages via the Internet" and Ginger "Livemocha: Do You speak English, Parla l'italiano, あなた"

The second stage of the lesson is showing a picture with a Russian phrase, here it is necessary to name the English equivalent, which, unlike the first stage, will be shown only after pronouncing the phrase to yourself and pressing the "Flip Card" button. Next, we choose the option of our answer — I was right, I was wrong. Also in the second stage, a Russian phrase will be demonstrated and a form for entering text in English will open. Here you will have to write the answer correctly up to the punctuation mark.

Progress stat

At the third stage, you will have to enter words, both in English and in Russian. At the end of each stage, joyful music sounds. As soon as you pass one of the lessons in the "My learned items" section, statistics on the studied material will appear — the number of mastered words, freshly learned and gradually eroding in your head, and therefore in need of repetition.


  • periodically after making a mistake, the cards are repeated very often;
  • the error is not indicated by a punctuation mark, the punctuation mark or even the case (lowercase or uppercase) of the letter that was provided in the template.

Approaching the end of the article, let's decide whether it's worth working with Byki? The program provides twelve study sheets and you will have to pay money to get additional ones. In Anki and HeadMagnet , you can study as much as you want and anything . Byki has a nice interface, pictures, pronunciation of phrases and it's easier to get started with it – it behaves much more humanely than Anki and HeadMagnet. Meanwhile, Anki has more serious analytics of the learning process and the program is available to iPhone, Linux, FreeBSD users, and HeadMagnet offers to share study sheets and get access to training from any computer, a web service after all. Thus, Byki is an ideal version of the program running under Mac, Windows, PocketPC and Palm, for novice users who want to study without unnecessary difficulties and do not require a serious analytical component of the learning process.

Download Byki 4 Express

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