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About Everything Wiki » Education » How I replaced the series with lectures from the world's leading universities

How I replaced the series with lectures from the world's leading universities

03 May 2023, 07:50, parser
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Out of habit, I want to bring you back to my post about TV series, in which we opposed watching an infinite number of TV series that are increasingly devouring our lives under the sauce "I choose the content myself ... but without advertising ... I need to rest..." etc. But rest is not mindless sticking to a TV series or a movie. Rest is a change of activity and if, for example, you are not a programmer, then what prevents them from becoming resting?
How I replaced TV series at lectures of the world's leading universities

Process mathematics

Stanford University's free basic lecture and practical course on iOS programming consists of 18 lessons of 50 minutes each (I have discarded students' questions and greetings, which can simply be squandered). The series "Sopranos" consists of 14 episodes of 50 minutes each. In total, the series has 6 seasons and each has 14 episodes, but in the 6th season — 21! And I watched them all. I must admit, the series didn't come in handy for me later, and I don't remember anything in it, except that Tony was a womanizer and constantly wet someone.
how to learn to program for iOS in a month
There are also programming lessons for the same iOS more recent — autumn 2010 — 25 lessons per hour. You see, it's only a day. Yes, you need to practice, you need to read, but you get knowledge or just a skill, an understanding of how people who do what you use work. Or maybe you have a project, and for a pilot launch you should write the code yourself?
how to write code for iOS


The modern world is overflowing with knowledge and delivery channels. Bioengineering and distance education are the hottest topics in the startup niche. Try remote learning — it's free and it's much better than our courses and our universities. We don't teach, or do it extremely rarely, people who created iOS or discovered a new particle at CERN. But you can reach them through your computer screen.

Just look at which universities are available to you:
about the benefits of distance education
See how many topics and directions there are. Try to listen to the course of classical mechanics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) — it's more interesting than any series!
classical mechanics course from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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