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About Everything Wiki » Inspiration » Why today is the most important day in your life

Why today is the most important day in your life

10 Jun 2023, 00:00, parser
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"When I was a teenager, I only carried a backpack on my right shoulder. It seemed to me that it was not cool to wear it on both straps (that's how smart I was), — says Stephen. — Twenty years later, I feel tension in the right side of my back. A coincidence? Unlikely. I feel the consequences of this decision when I type on the keyboard, even though many years have passed!

There were other solutions, some of which are now beneficial to me. As a child, I played a lot of sports, it gave me good physical fitness. When I play basketball with young guys now, they get tired faster than me."

Today determines what your future life will be

When we look forward to some event in the future, we devalue today. We tell ourselves that this event is more important than everything that is happening today. Maybe it's really important. But this does not mean that today it is not worth trying. Today is always a crucial day.

Today is a hundred times more important than tomorrow.

Smaller investments today will bring greater results than large investments later. This is about saving time, money and effort. Everyone who is more or less versed in finance knows about compound interest. But few people apply this rule to their decisions and habits.

Of course, some actions change lives more. But among those that are about the same in value, what happens earlier is more important.

It is no coincidence that people who had a difficult childhood experience more difficulties in adulthood. The events of his early years affect the rest of his life. But it's never too late to start changing something. The essence of this principle is not that it was necessary to do this or that at twenty. These are just useless regrets. The bottom line is that today — whatever it may seem — is extremely important. Because with each passing day there is less and less time for the effect of useful solutions to begin to accumulate.

Why is this so important

Making the most useful decisions means taking care of your physical and psychological health, relationships and productivity today. Many people are used to working with the last of their strength, and putting the rest off for later. But without rest and relaxation stress also accumulates on the principle of compound interest. It is not necessary to try to make every day perfect. Some will be busy with work, others with communication, and others with rest. In total, all of them will have a positive impact.

This approach to solutions will also help to restrain bad habits. When you consider each action in terms of compound interest, it's easier to resist the temptation.

How to apply such thinking in practice

We all forget to appreciate today. We try to kill time in anticipation of a more exciting streak in life. How not to forget about its importance when today it is unremarkable. We woke up, and it's already here.

But "today" should be the most cherished word. After all, there will never be a day in your life more important than the one that you are living now. Yes, it seems less significant than graduation, wedding or vacation. But this is not the case.

The decisions made today have the most chances to change your life.

Make decisions today that you can thank yourself for later. Select a date in the calendar exactly one year from now and create an entry with the words "Your life is the way it is now, thanks to how you treated each day over the past year." Let her remind you that every day should be regarded as a unique opportunity.

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