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CHEAT SHEET flying around the world

03 May 2023, 20:07, parser
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Everything starts with the most "delicious" air ticket!

Buy tickets in advance and cheaper than all instant sale systems on the Internet. Sites like they allow you to be aware of the most delicious sales and find discount tickets that do not charge you a lot of money for an imaginary service, but simply transfer from point A to point B.

Choose the days of the lowest flight load. Experts recommend, if possible, to schedule flights for the days and hours of the least busy airports – this is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. The busiest days are Friday and Sunday. The most crowded flights are morning and evening. In the half-empty salons of "weekday" flights, the flight attendants themselves will offer you to transfer to unoccupied rows, it is quite possible to sleep on three seats.

Arrive at the airport in advance. It is better not less than 2 hours before departure. If you are one of the first to arrive at the check—in, you can ask for a seat in the emergency row - there is more room for your legs. Sometimes the theme of a full free row works, if you ask. Be sure to try this on a transatlantic flight. Then you can sleep lying on three seats. If you were refused to take a row, then ask for seats as far away from the nose as possible — usually planes fill more or less evenly from the nose and you can again be in a free row. Check out our infographic about good seats for different passengers. More good seats in different planes will help you choose the sites SeatGuru and SeatExpert.

Do not rush to make purchases in Duty Free. Try not to forget to run into your supermarket under the house and take a picture of the prices of the alcohol you are interested in. There are good prices in Dutifrey, but not always and not for everything.

Try to fall asleep on the plane. Not everyone knows how to switch off before takeoff, but it can be learned. And if you, like me :), can't fall asleep on the plane, then download the long-desired series to your laptop or tablet or talk to your neighbor or neighbor. Time will fly by completely unnoticed.

Use everything the airline can give you. Call the stewardess and ask her directly: "What can I get for free?". You will be surprised, but often you can be offered not only alcohol, but also an addition to lunch.

If the airline delays your flight, then you have rights. So many rights that both the hotel and the food, a lot of things you are entitled to for free. And also download the GateGuru program in advance to know how to entertain yourself in the terminal.

Fly light. If you are flying far away and to an unfamiliar country with a language you don't understand, then don't tempt fate — don't take things that need to be checked in. The backpack is always with you and you will leave the air terminal quickly and painlessly.

If you are flying with a pet, then be sure to look at the simple rules, knowledge of which will allow you to avoid a lot of problems.

If you exit the plane not through the sleeve, but along the ladder with transportation in the bus, then do not rush to be the first to escape from the plane . The fact is that the bus you get on opens the same side doors for entry as for exit. And the last one who entered it first comes out of it most often. There are exceptions, but try this rule — you are guaranteed to be the first at passport or transit control. By the way, take off your headphones and glasses at this control — customs officers do not like this. They are also infuriated by the passengers chatting on the mobile. Don't do this if you want to skip control quickly and easily.

As soon as you arrive at your destination — do not take the first taxi — you will lose money in vain. look for a special bus or train from the airport. But if a taxi is nicer to you, then look at how to outwit taxi drivers.

You can find out how to refund the tax when buying goods in Europe and the USA from our material. Often this will allow you to refund VAT, which often reaches 20% and save on purchases very significantly.

All these adventures are a set of interesting techniques and hacks that make your journey more interesting. Maybe because it is doubly pleasant to break the multi-complex airport system.

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