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About Everything Wiki » Business » How to become self-employed: step-by-step instructions

How to become self-employed: step-by-step instructions

11 Jun 2023, 00:01, parser
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Who are the self-employed

Self-employed are those who pay a tax on professional income. This is a regime for people who provide services or sell goods of their own production. It is distinguished by a pleasant tax rate and lack of reporting.

The self—employed gives to the budget 4% of the income received from individuals, and 6% - from legal entities. At the same time, there are deductions that help to transfer even less in the form of taxes. But the regime has its own limitations.

If you want to read more about the professional income tax, Lifehacker has released a special material. If you already know everything, let's go to the instructions.

How to apply for self-employment through the application

The Federal Tax Service has a special application "My Tax". It is useful not only for registering as self-employed, but also for other purposes:

  • generate receipts and send them to customers;
  • monitor the calculation of taxes;
  • pay taxes (and receive notifications to do it on time);
  • upload a certificate of income to provide it, for example, to the bank when applying for a loan.
Download QR-Code
Developer: GNIVC, JSC
Price: Free

The application will greet you with a welcome screen, an offer to agree to data processing and confirm that you have read the rules for using it. And it would be nice to really read them first before clicking the "Agree" button.

Next, in the menu, click the "Become self-employed" button and select the method by which you want to register.

According to the passport of the Russian Federation

Enter the phone number. Then enter the code from the received SMS in the window. Select the region in which you work. It does not necessarily have to coincide with your place of residence.


Scan the spread of the passport with the photo. In order for you to do everything correctly, the application provides guides according to which you need to arrange the document. Then take a selfie — without a hat and glasses. Keep in mind that the program automatically compares your photo with the image in the passport. If they are too different, you will not be able to continue registering. So take care of compliance.


Enter the PIN code with which you will then log into the application. (Later you will be able to set up login by fingerprint or FaceID.) Then you need to confirm the action. And that's it — you will be registered as self-employed. The tax service will send a corresponding notification in an SMS.

Using the login and password from "Public Services"

You need to click the button "Through the portal of public services", and then enter login and password from it. Passport and photo are not needed at the same time. But you will still need to confirm the phone number, select the region of work and set the PIN code.

Using the login and password from the personal account

To get the login details, you need to go to the tax office and write an application for it. If you have already done this, then log in to the application with their help. Confirm the phone number, select the region of work and come up with a PIN code.

How to apply for self-employment through the website

The tax service has a special personal account for the self-employed. Moreover, it is not connected with the personal account of an individual. You can also get self-employed status through it. But it will be possible to do this only with the login and password received from the tax service, or data from "Public Services".

Keep in mind: data entry from "Public services" is enough to register you as self-employed. This happens automatically. So do not specify them if you are not sure.

The rest of the process is the same. You will need to specify the phone number and select the region of activity.

How to become self-employed through a bank

Some banks offer to register as self-employed through their apps and websites. It's hard to say how much more convenient it will be to work through them — "My Tax" is simply arranged and intuitive. But banks often promise various bonuses like legal advice, access to educational events and other things.

Such services can be found, for example, in VTB, Tinkoff, Alfa‑Bank and not only. But it's up to you to decide how much you need intermediaries.

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