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About Everything Wiki » Books » 10 books that will help you provide yourself with basic psychological support

10 books that will help you provide yourself with basic psychological support

26 Jan 2024, 00:02, parser
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1. "To myself tenderly. A book on how to appreciate and take care of yourself", Olga Primachenko

The bestseller with half a million copies from psychologist Olga Primachenko is a reference book on unconditional self—love. Inside there are assignments, written practices and exercises that help you explore your feelings and inner world.

Olga tells how to make friends with yourself, stop depending on external approval and gain uniqueness. This is the book that you can open on any page to be transported to a safe supportive space and instantly feel a surge of strength and energy.

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2. "Allow yourself to feel. How to stop suppressing yourself and find true strength", Julia Bulgakova

Psychologist Yulia Bulgakova is sure that there are no bad feelings. Therefore, you should not suppress aggression, envy and anger in yourself — you need to be able to interact with them correctly.

In the book, Julia offers an author's system of practices aimed at accepting any emotions. Exercises will help you love yourself in all its manifestations and unlock creative energy that will allow you to shine at full power.

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3. "LIVE here and now. The book is a guide to happiness and prosperity", Naval Ravikant, Eric Jorgenson

The book is for those who are tired of the eternal race for money and success. Naval Ravikant, a "philosopher from Twitter" with a million followers, explains why a career is only a small component of a full—fledged life.

The authors give a lot of tips that will help you become happier and keep yourself in the modern world. As a rule, they are simple, but effective: work for yourself, constantly study , do what you liked as a child.

4. "It's not like that. How to get out of the dead ends of communication into which we drive ourselves", Maria Melia

We take offense at our relatives and friends, quarrel with colleagues, accumulate dissatisfaction with our superiors and as a result find ourselves in a communication impasse — we suffer, but we do not know how to get out of it.

The book by coach‑therapist Maria Melia will help you get out of the trap, stop acting to your own detriment and restore communication. The author will tell you how to identify the psychological causes of your own behavior and find a common language with an introverted colleague, a grumpy neighbor and even parents in a school chat.

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5. "It's a teenager! How to live and communicate with children when they grow up", Vika Dmitrieva

Psychologists often advise you to focus on your inner world. But a calm and supportive atmosphere in the house depends not only on ourselves, but also on our relationships with others. This book is devoted to the interaction of parents and teenagers, but the methods described in it will help to establish contact with all close people.

The basic principle is simple: don't fight each other — fight the differences that divide you. Family psychologist Vika Dmitrieva talks about how to stand on one side of the ring and make the problem a common enemy, but a stumbling block.

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6. "The zoo is in your head. 25 psychological syndromes that prevent us from living", Mikhail Labkovsky, Olga Primachenko, Tatyana Muzitskaya

"Ah! Oh my God! I'm late!" Many of us repeatedly have this thought during the day, but this is a sign of White Rabbit syndrome. In addition to him, the book describes the excellent student syndrome, the delayed life syndrome and several dozen other recognizable and rarer conditions found in modern people.

Popular psychologists and psychotherapists talk about common problems: Mikhail Labkovsky, Tatyana Muzitskaya, Olga Primachenko, Olga Savelyeva and others. From the book, you can learn how to get rid of various syndromes or learn how to coexist with them and use them as an advantage.

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7. "Take, give and enjoy. How to stay on the resource, no matter what happens to you", Tatiana Muzitskaya

Shake up, perk up, refresh. To cope with burnout, to overcome a crisis in a relationship, to find new sources of energy. Having fallen into the trap of covid quarantine, psychologist Tatyana Muzitskaya tried to solve these problems for herself, and shared her best practices in the book. The result was the take—give—enjoy scheme, a system of psychological practices that teaches how to extract energy for life and happiness from routine.

When you are on the rise and resources are pouring over the edge, invest them in your environment. When there is a need to take from the outside, do it without being afraid to ask for help and without postponing it for later. All this is described in more detail in the book.

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8. "How to survive a crisis. Therapeutic practices that will help you cope with small troubles and serious difficulties", Anna Bykova

Troubles and tragedies are an integral part of life. In this book, family psychologist Anna Bykova describes how to prepare for them and offers tools that will help you adapt to new conditions.

Inside there are a variety of exercises from several psychological areas, from behavioral and bodily practices to art therapy and writing. They will help to gradually restore sleep and appetite and bring movement back to life, as well as form new useful habits and better understand yourself by keeping a diary and writing unsent letters.

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9. "Unwind your nerves. A scientifically proven way to break the vicious circle of anxiety and fear", by Judson Brewer

Sometimes people live in a chronic state of anxiety without even noticing it. Anxiety can hide behind the appearance of bad habits. If you're constantly procrastinating, grabbing a cigarette, or getting stressed out, it might make sense to work with your anxiety.

Psychotherapist Judson Brewer has developed a scientifically proven way to do this, which will help track repetitive loops of restless thoughts, figure out the causes of their occurrence and gradually get rid of triggers.

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10. "The gift of the sea. A book about how to regain the joy of life", by Ann Morrow Lindbergh

This book was first published in 1955 and is still on the longseller list. She teaches you to find beauty and tranquility in simple things. Author Anne Morrow Lindbergh talks about her escapist journey to the seaside and how she rethought her own experiences during this adventure.

Ann is sure that one of the ways to overcome psychological problems is to look at your life from the outside. After reading the book, you will understand why you need to periodically immerse yourself in yourself and be alone. And the author's serene tone will help you slow down and spend some time in peace and tranquility.

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