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About Everything Wiki » Books » 5 diaries that will help you introduce healthy habits and change your life qualitatively

5 diaries that will help you introduce healthy habits and change your life qualitatively

17 Jan 2024, 12:02, parser
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The holiday week is a great time to acquire a useful habit, for which you will thank yourself more than once in the new year. For example, you can start keeping a diary.

Psychologists often recommend various notebooks with ready-made questions and focuses of attention to their clients for writing practices. Such publications usually have a specially created structure that helps to reduce the excitement before the "white paper" and take the first steps. Here are the options you can pay attention to.

1. 52 weeks

Alpina Publisher LLC

A daily planner from entrepreneur Varya Vedeneeva will help you form the habit of observing yourself at different points in your life. He suggests diving into yourself and making important notes about your sense of self. For example, are you satisfied with what you are doing, what you feel in contact with different people, what you lack, and what, on the contrary, there is a lot in life and you already want to get rid of it.

Such free reflection on paper is needed to overcome disturbing thoughts or strong emotions. By recording everything in a notebook, we stop merging with our feelings. Writing practices help to return to the present, cope with fears about the future or regrets about the past.


2. 6 minutes

Alpina Publisher LLC

Motivational diaries "6 minutes" have long been loved by users all over the world. This edition includes simple and short techniques that allow you to change your lifestyle step by step and record new discoveries about yourself in writing.

When we write down some insights, we give them a form that we can later rely on when working on ourselves. And notes also allow you to track internal installations, protective mechanisms and habitual behavior scenarios. The recorded knowledge about yourself helps to maintain awareness in your own reactions.


3. 75 questions

Yandex LLC

Another diary from Varya Vedeneeva. There are 75 interesting questions under the cover that will not let you miss something valuable in life. Filling out such a diary can be treated like a pleasant date with yourself: schedule a meeting with your feelings and emotions at the appointed time.

By prescribing thoughts, we involve the parts of the brain responsible for coordination and fine motor skills. This helps us find new solutions and notice non-obvious nuances that we would not take into account if we simply thought about it. Diaries with questions for self-knowledge work especially effectively in this case.


4. Self-care diary

Alpina Publisher LLC

The diary is designed for three months, during which you will learn to listen to yourself, try new healthy habits and figure out what helps you feel happier. Thanks to such a diary, writing can become a long-awaited ritual. In addition, the publication is very tactile and aesthetic.


5. Anti-combustion

Alpina Publisher LLC

"Diary for those who are tired of getting tired" is a very accurate description of this publication. Inside, there are practices, techniques and tasks that will help unload the brain, calm down and reduce stress levels.

Being able to notice the signs of burnout and react to them correctly is very important. This will help to avoid some mental disorders, such as depression. Becks Spiller, the author of this daily, has been running a successful marketing agency for 10 years, so she knows about the problem firsthand.

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