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About Everything Wiki » Books » 7 books that will help you stop worrying and start living as you want

7 books that will help you stop worrying and start living as you want

09 Jun 2023, 12:03, parser
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1. "Anxiety Therapy: How to cope with fears, anxieties and panic attacks without medication", David Burns

David Burns, MD and psychotherapist, has created a detailed guide for those who want to cope with anxiety on their own. You will learn about the methods of cognitive behavioral therapy, learn how to work with your thoughts, reduce the intensity of emotions and understand how to stay calm in difficult situations.

You will also find interesting psychological tests, anti-procrastination forms and even lists of cognitive distortions in the book.

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2. "A Happy Life: A Guide to Stoicism for Modern Man", Massimo Pilucci

Biologist and philosopher of science Massimo Pilucci tells how modern people can become happier if they are stoics. The author explains the ancient teaching through accessible and visual lessons of everyday wisdom, which are relevant today. And he also gives 53 tips on how to use the principles of stoicism in modern life.

After reading the book, you will learn to distinguish phenomena that can be changed from those that cannot be influenced. So, it's not worth worrying about the second ones. The experience of ancient philosophers will also tell you how to do this.

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3. "I feel Better: Interpersonal Therapy against Depression", Sidney Goodman Stolberg, Ronald Frey

Psychologists Cindy Goodman Stolberg and Ronald Frey are sure that peace of mind is impossible without healthy relationships with others. Therefore, the authors have collected methods and techniques of interpersonal psychotherapy that will help create supportive relationships, improve problematic ones and complete those that do not allow you to be happy. You will learn to get along with difficult people, and also figure out who you want to communicate with and who you don't.

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4. "The path to self-actualization: How to push the boundaries of your capabilities. A New Understanding of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs", Scott Barry Kaufman

Humanistic psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman analyzed Maslow's famous pyramid of needs and supplemented it taking into account the unpublished texts of the scientist and the conditions of the modern world. As a result, an updated hierarchy has appeared, which will help to understand human nature and see unexpected opportunities for potential development.

In the book, Kaufman keeps a balance between scientific data, inspiring examples and practical materials and suggests how to better understand yourself in order to develop further and realize your full potential.

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5. "Everything Sucks: A Book about Hope", Mark Manson

The blog of writer and entrepreneur Mark Manson about self-development is read by about a million people a month. But Manson's real fame came from a bestseller about the three components of hope that help when things aren't going too well. From the book you will learn the "merciless truth" about the world, learn to control emotions and understand how to build a life according to personal values.

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6. "To bring back the taste of life: What to do when everything seems to be fine, but happiness and joy are not enough", Natalia Kerre

This is a sincere and informative book about how to find the strength to enjoy every day and do what you want, even if it's scary to deviate from the beaten path of life. Psychologist Natalia Kerre helps the reader to start dreaming again and tells where to find strength.

The theoretical part is supplemented with examples from the lives of outstanding people who overcame difficult situations and, despite everything, achieved their goals.

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7. "You're fine: A book about how not to be with yourself and not to be with others", Alina Adler

Psychologist Alina Adler shares her personal experience and talks about her clients who were able to understand and accept themselves. From the book you will learn how to get rid of regrets about the past, why we feel guilty and where does insecurity come from. And you will also understand how to allow yourself to experience the full range of emotions and react in each situation the way you want.

The author, a specialist with 15 years of experience, will tell you how to stop demanding the impossible from yourself and what to do to confidently say: "I'm fine!"

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