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About Everything Wiki » Author's Column » How to make money during the New Year holidays

How to make money during the New Year holidays

03 May 2023, 15:52, parser
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Yulia Novikova
The traveler, the author of articles, is engaged in a small business — creating portraits in the style of pop art.

What kind of work

I have been working as a Snow Maiden for the New Year for three years. For me, this is the coolest job in the world. You enter the apartment, you are greeted by a child with round eyes and starts screaming and jumping for joy. He touches the fur coat, goes to cuddle, tells poems. Every five minutes he tries to sneak into Grandpa's bag and pick up all the gifts. And you know, it's great. At first, all the guests watch warily, but very soon they are dancing around the Christmas tree with Santa Claus.

It's great to come to the house and leave a piece of happiness and magic there.

Many friends ask me where to start, how to prepare, how much you can earn. In this article, I decided to highlight all the most popular questions and help aspiring artists.

How much can I earn

It depends on the city. The average cost of a call for 30 minutes in Moscow is 3,000 rubles, under the chimes — 9,000 rubles. On New Year's Eve, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden account for about 5-8 orders. You can earn 15,000—50,000 rubles for a holiday, and even more if you try.

Let's take another million-plus city — Kazan. The average cost of calling Santa Claus is 2,500 rubles, under the chimes — 5,000 rubles. Total: you can earn from 12,000 to 35,000 rubles per night.

How to prepare

Work by Santa Claus

No child will believe in a man in a red robe who can't even connect two words. The Snow Maiden also should not stand like a pillar at the festival. To make everything go smoothly, you can sign up for acting courses, where a man will be taught to speak with the right timbre, and a girl will be taught to change her voice. You can also take private lessons from a teacher or attend classes at the animation school. There are many options, the main thing is to want.

It is better to start preparing in advance, ideally a month in advance. So you will have time to hone your skills, make business cards and find New Year's props. And remember: if you do a good job, you will already have customers for next year.

How to get orders

Agencies receive orders from their last year's clients. Beginners can place their ads on Avito, create a group in social networks.

Remember that Santa Claus works not only in apartments. Many companies want to organize a holiday for their employees in the office or at a corporate party, and kindergartens and schools are looking for Santa Claus for matinees.

Where to find costumes and what to do with them later

There are two options:

  • Buy. A good Santa Claus costume costs from 7,000 rubles, Snow Maiden — from 5,000 rubles. These outfits can be used next year, and if you don't like this kind of work, sell it.
  • Rent. Two suits will cost about 5,000 rubles per day, but you will also have to leave a rather big deposit. Naturally, you have to return the suit at the exact time in one piece.

How to write a script

How to make money on New Year's holidays

The performance in the apartment lasts on average 20-30 minutes. During this time, Santa Claus congratulates the guys, plays games (throws snowballs, freezes pens), listens to poems and leads a round dance around the Christmas tree. This is standard. If you want to make your own interesting program, I recommend the site "Little Things of Life", where contests and games for children are collected.

It happens that there are several children in the family and they are all of different ages. In this case, you should have prepared contests for everyone. Do not scare kids with loud music, and make a teenager tell a rhyme.

How to overcome shyness

The easiest way to rehearse a performance and overcome your shyness is to go out to the playground in a suit and try to conduct the program for free. First, you will see all the main disadvantages. Secondly, you will overcome your fear of performing and train your timbre. Thirdly, you will please the children and give them joy. You can hold such performances more than once.

The most important rule

Don't drink. Not a glass, not a cup, not a little bit. On New Year's days, the rule "Today you do not drink with us, and tomorrow you will change your Homeland!" does not work for you. Kids are waiting for a sober Santa Claus, who smells nice in winter, and not something else.

Work sober, and mark the weekend as you want. It will be fair to you and to the children.

Personal experience

I will tell you about my first performance. Spoiler: It was a failure.

The application specified a performance for a six-year-old child for 30 minutes. Everything is simple and clear. We spent several days preparing and rehearsing. When we arrived at the place, we found that we were going to conduct a performance for a 10-month-old baby. He does not walk, does not speak, there are no other children in the family.

I was just scared of the child and stood there. It's good that an experienced Santa Claus was with me: he saved the entire order. For half an hour we threw cotton-wool snowballs to each other with the guests, and the child looked at all this and laughed.

After three orders, I relaxed and behaved confidently. It seems to me that the main thing is to believe that you are a real hero, and just relax.

As soon as you step over the threshold of the apartment — forget who you are. Be a real funny Snow Maiden or a clumsy, funny and kind Santa Claus.

Do you remember how great it was when as a child you believed in Santa Claus and waited for him? Bring the same feelings to the kids home. You will be satisfied with yourself, and the guys will be happy.

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