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About Everything Wiki » Author's Column » How to prepare for the first parachute jump

How to prepare for the first parachute jump

19 Jan 2024, 00:04, parser
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Who can parachute

can jump with a parachute DOSAAF of Russia Order No. 92 dated June 8, 2010 "On Approval of the Manual on Parachute Training of DOSAAF aviation of Russia" almost anyone, the main thing here is to passionately want it. Even teenagers from the age of 14 are allowed to do this, if the parents sign the consent and personally attend the field.

However, there are limitations Regulations on medical admission of persons to skydiving in aviation organizations of DOSAAF of Russia health: parachuting is contraindicated for people with epilepsy, mental illness, chronic heart disease and spinal injuries. Pregnant women are not allowed to jump, it is forbidden to do this while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You will find the full list on your school's website.

There are also limitations Regulations on medical admission of persons to skydiving in aviation organizations of DOSAAF of Russia by weight: for those wishing to parachute in tandem, it should not exceed 120 kg. There is no minimum threshold for this type of jump. But a person who jumps on his own should not weigh less than 45 kg. Such limitations are due to the characteristics of parachutes: the system itself of the main and reserve parachutes weighs about 20 kg.

When and where is it better to jump

The season usually lasts from May to October. Here, for example, are places in Moscow and the Moscow region where you can parachute: Tushino airfield, Kolomna Aerograd, Pushchino Dropzone, Kirzhach airfield, Pakhomovo airfield, Volosovo airfield (Chekhov district). At the same time, there are similar clubs all over Russia.

It is worth choosing a parachute club near your home so that it is convenient for you to get to the airfield or flight deck. Otherwise, there is no big difference: professionals work in any such organization and a friendly atmosphere prevails.

The price for a tandem jump starts from 12 thousand rubles, and an independent jump with a comprehensive modern free fall training course for beginners (AFF flight school) will cost about 35 thousand rubles.

How to prepare for the first jump

As noted above, there are two types of skydiving: tandem and independent. In the first case, you will have more time to enjoy the flight: the free fall will last from 30 to 50 seconds. And you can additionally order photo and video shooting. When jumping without a tandem master, the height will be 800 meters, and the duration of the jump will be about 2 minutes.

An important point: the first jump is possible only in conjunction with an experienced instructor.

In some flying clubs, there is a pre-registration: it is better to arrange by phone the time when you can arrive. The preparation procedure is standard everywhere DOSAAF of Russia Order No. 92 dated June 8, 2010 "On Approval of the Manual on Parachute Training of DOSAAF aviation of Russia" : you need to fill out a questionnaire, as well as your statement of voluntary consent to the jump. This way you confirm that you accept all responsibility and risks.

Since parachuting belongs to the category of extreme sports, we recommend that you take out medical insurance with an insurance company in advance (on the eve of the jump). The amount of coverage must be at least 100,000 rubles. Insurance is not required, but some clubs require it. And you will also need to consult a doctor on the spot. He will measure the pressure and pulse and issue a certificate of admission to the jump.

When preparing to perform a tandem jump, you will be assigned a personal instructor who will answer all your questions and give instructions. The latter usually lasts about three hours.

The instruction includes:

  • Theoretical training — explanation of the basic principles of skydiving, including safety, evacuation procedure, use of equipment and the basics of parachute control.
  • Practicing practical skills — on the ground, you and the instructor will work out the order of separation from the aircraft, behavior during free fall and performing actions upon landing so that the jump goes according to all the rules.
  • Safety lecture — the instructor will tell you about all the important aspects: checking equipment, emergency actions and how to quickly respond to emergency situations during flight and landing.

It is better to wear comfortable clothes at the airfield that do not restrict movements so that they fit the temperature regime. On the field, you will be given special overalls, a soft helmet and glasses. They will put on a suspension system with which you will be attached to the instructor. Shoes need to be light and athletic, but with a hard sole and fixing the ankle. Sneakers or athletic shoes will do.

How to prepare psychologically and overcome anxiety

Try to approach the issue rationally. Parachuting is actually quite safe. The death rate here is quite low, especially when compared with other extreme sports. So, according to Statistics on some types of extreme activities / The American Hang Gliding Association, for 100 thousand successful landing cases in parachuting, there are 25 thousand unsuccessful (with injuries) and only 1 with a fatal outcome.

Therefore, try to accept your fear and remember: excitement before such an extreme experience is an absolutely normal state.

Try to focus on the positive aspects of experiencing this unique event: imagine your successful jump, visualize a positive outcome.

Feel free to discuss your concerns with the instructor: he knows how to provide psychological support to beginners. You can also use relaxation and breath control techniques from yoga. Deep breaths and exhalations help eliminate negative thoughts and relieve nervous tension.

In addition, it is important to listen carefully to the instructions, and during the jump, unquestioningly follow the instructor's commands. Following all these rules will help you feel more determined, create a sense of control and confidence in the process.

There are rare cases when, already on the plane, despite all the preparations, a person is seized with panic. If you feel that you cannot overcome your fear in any way, you can inform the instructor about your refusal to jump and land. But in this case, the money spent will burn out, and then you will have to make the payment again.

What to do if you want to try an independent jump

If you jumped in tandem and you liked it so much that you want to continue this experience, then it's worth trying to make an independent jump. There is an AFF program for free fall training — today it is the most advanced method of training parachutists. Its essence is to immerse the student in the environment of a real skydive from the very beginning of classes.

All jumps are performed with modern equipment and a long opening delay time. The duration of the jump is about 3 minutes. The training and adaptation of beginners takes place using a special training suspension system.

Instructors work with students who constantly give feedback, correct mistakes and provide both technical and psychological support.

Preparation for an independent jump takes 1.5–2 weeks. It includes theoretical and practical training courses. To improve the technique and perform exercises in the air, students are recommended to use a wind tunnel. This will speed up the learning process: the body will get used to the feeling of free fall, and during the jump you will feel more prepared.

An independent jump is usually performed from a height of 800-2500 meters — it all depends on the specific club and the equipment used. Before that, a practical briefing with a simulated jump is also conducted. On a special simulator in the suspension system, you will work out the actions for opening the main parachute, as well as further actions for controlling it and landing.

In addition, in case of an emergency, during the briefing, actions are practiced to open and correctly use a spare parachute. The instructor will tell you about the procedure for separation from the aircraft and the rules of conduct before boarding and on board.

Would you like to parachute? Or perhaps you have a lot of experience in this matter? Tell us in the comments!

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