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About Everything Wiki » Work and Study » Tudumo: convenient case management in GTD style

Tudumo: convenient case management in GTD style

03 May 2023, 05:19, parser
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Tudumo is a small but damn handy GTD-style task management program (Getting Things Done) that was developed by David Allen. At the moment, the program is in beta status, and therefore it is free, but it works just fine. Download while they give ;)


The main advantage of the program is the support of the global keyboard shortcut Shift+Win+T, which calls the program to view tasks or to add a new task. In Vista, this combination is "scored" for another action and does not work as in other versions of this OS, but the creator promises to add a combination setting to the program itself.

All actions for adding tasks and configuring them, including tagging, are also performed from the keyboard, but you can also use the mouse.


Here are some combinations to work with the program:

Shift+Win+T — opening the program window;

Ctrl+T — focus on tags to add and change;

Ctrl+Enter — adding a new task;

Ctrl+D / Shift+Ctrl+D — change the expiration date / start date of the task;

Ctrl+F — search by tasks.

I will say that this program is the best that I have met for managing "short" tasks, i.e. those that need to be done during the day, but it is very difficult to keep in mind.

Download Tudumo.

You can read about the basics of GTD on our blog .

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