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About Everything Wiki » Work and Study » how to avoid moral exhaustion at work

how to avoid moral exhaustion at work

03 May 2023, 05:19, parser
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Many people, after working for some time, reach a moment of moral exhaustion. When the daily routine and paperwork are draining the last of their strength, and a person leaving work feels absolutely devastated. Here are some tips that may help to avoid this.

Take a vacation as soon as possible
And rest. Do only what gives you pleasure.

Create a list of work tasks that you like to do
Think about what pleases you. This will set you up in a positive way

Create a list of work tasks that you DON'T like to do
Do not include here cases to which you are indifferent. Only the ones you really can't stand.

For a week or two, do only those things that you like
Seriously. Let the other tasks wait. If your superiors have any questions, then tell them that you are currently working on the most important tasks.

Drop the extra load
If you really have a lot of work to do, then inform your superiors about it. In addition, be sure to mark specific tasks that prevent you from performing your duties perfectly. And it is better to think in advance to whom these cases can be delegated.

Shorten the time when you do work that you don't like
Don't like constantly coming emails with tasks? Check your email once a day. Don't like writing reports? Do this once a week.

Do you work for a big company? Ask to be transferred to another department or division
Everything is real enough if you have proven yourself well. Look for a place in another department where you can be useful and feel comfortable.

If the situation is really unbearable, get ready to leave
No need to sit and wait, it's time for a change. Start looking for a new place, which may be much better than the old one.

Remember that no job is worth ruining your life.

via Dealing With Professional Burnout Without Quitting Your Job

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