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About Everything Wiki » Work and Study » 6 Myths about Work that Prevent Us from Relaxing and Enjoying It

6 Myths about Work that Prevent Us from Relaxing and Enjoying It

16 Jan 2024, 00:00, parser
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1. If you have found your life's work, you will always be happy

You've definitely heard the phrase "Choose a job you like, and you won't have to work a day in your life." It is believed that if you really love what you do, then every day you will run to the office or workshop with burning eyes, and in the evening you will be reluctant to leave there. And of course, be radiant with happiness every minute between these moments. And if you suddenly feel longing and anguish, then well, it's probably just not your business.

This approach sometimes encourages people to change their areas of employment at the first sign of displeasure. Although in fact, even a favorite job is not always a holiday.

We humans are complicated. Our mood is influenced by many factors. A person can get tired, get upset in another place and transfer these emotions to work. But the activity itself, even a favorite one, does not always have to be liked. Most of us have pleasant tasks and some hateful ones. For example, a person may be engaged in a creative profession, but at the end of the month it is inevitably necessary to fill out reports, and he cannot stand it. Does it devalue all the other good days?

It's like a relationship here: we fall in love with imperfect people. Their advantages please us, we get along with their shortcomings. Partners sometimes make us sad or angry. This does not mean that we made the wrong choice, we are just alive. Just like at work. So if you periodically get tired and disappointed in what you are doing, it may not mean anything, it's just such a day.

2. It takes talent to succeed

People are really born with different abilities. For some, some tasks are given without difficulty, while others are forced to put more effort into it. And if a gifted person comes into view, it may seem to others that they should not even try, they will not be able to compete.

This is only partially true. To be successful, talent must be accompanied by perseverance and a little luck. Otherwise, at a long distance, the less gifted, but more hardworking ones will bypass the talented idlers. And for those who find everything easy, there is often not enough perseverance. This is a trainable quality, and they can neglect its development — why, because everything works out that way.

And not everyone needs to be brilliant. In most positions, it is enough just to work conscientiously to close tasks and grow.

3. The more you work, the better the result

Many people who are passionate about their work can work from morning to night and on weekends. Because it seems that the relationship between the hours spent on the case and the result is direct.

This can work over a short distance, when accidents happen, complex projects or business goes to another level. But in general, do not underestimate the power of rest. Burnout is not an excuse for lazy people, but quite a diagnosis, with which in some countries you can get a sick leave. Prolonged stress does not make anyone healthier and happier. In this state, labor efficiency decreases, so it can become a path to nowhere.

Remember: the horse worked the most on the collective farm, but did not become chairman. Therefore, it is important not to lose your head, but to think to her how to work so that both the result and the psychological state are consistently good.

4. A good result is one that was obtained with great effort

Many of us have an attitude that everything worthwhile can be obtained only if we get fucked up properly. And if some task was easy for us, it's because we didn't try hard enough. Now someone will see the result and realize that everything is wrong and that we ended up in this place by mistake. And such an attitude is a great poison to life.

In fact, it is quite normal when many tasks are solved easily. Especially if you have been working for years. It is natural that gradually you become more experienced, learn more, and what used to take you days can now be done in hours. Fatigue and time spent do not determine the value of the result at all.

5. You should always strive to increase

It is no coincidence that the career ladder is called a ladder, you can only climb it. At least that's what it's supposed to be. And many people worry that they are not getting a higher position, although in fact they do not want it.

Becoming a boss, an employee gets other responsibilities. First of all, he devotes a lot of time to managerial tasks and spends less on what he previously did. And here a dilemma arises: on the one hand, a person likes his usual duties, on the other, it seems like it's not good not to grow up, what people will say.

But it's better to trust yourself, not people's opinions. Everyone can't be bosses, and it's not necessary. And it is quite possible to grow income and a personal brand by developing horizontally, gaining more skills in your position, if this is what pleases you.

In general, if you have leadership ambitions, go for it. If not, stop self-flagellation, sometimes a cool performer is worth five bosses.

6. Working "for an uncle" is slavery, everyone needs their own business

Another frustrating statement that suggests that employment is second class. Many people feel uncomfortable because of this, especially considering that entrepreneurship is now advertised from every iron.

But being an entrepreneur, as well as a boss, is not an occupation for everyone. Not because some are worse and others are better, it's just that people are different. There's nothing wrong with hiring, you can earn more here than in business. If you are not eager to start your own business, you are fine too.

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