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About Everything Wiki » Work and Study » 3 professions for those who love to travel

3 professions for those who love to travel

29 May 2023, 13:57, parser
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1. Flight attendant

This profession can be a starting option for those who want to work in aviation. Flight engineer needs Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 147 dated 12.09.2008 "On Approval of Federal Aviation Regulations "Requirements for Aircraft Crew Members, Aircraft Maintenance Specialists and Flight Support Staff (Flight Controllers) of Civil Aviation"" higher specialized education, pilot also has experience How to become a civil aviation pilot in Russia? / Tolmachevo Airport flights, and it will be possible to master the profession of a flight attendant relatively quickly. For example, you can take courses from the airline you want to work for. The training lasts What you need to do to become a flight attendant /Rambler 2-3 months: during this time, future stewards and flight attendants get acquainted with the standards of service, master the rules of first aid and learn how to ensure the safety of passengers in emergency situations. Before work, you will have to pass a medical commission: some diseases like hypertension with persistent high blood pressure or glaucoma are capable of Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 50 dated 22.04.2002 "On Approval of the Federal Aviation Regulations "Medical examination of flight, dispatching personnel, flight attendants, cadets and candidates entering civil Aviation educational institutions"" become an obstacle to work in the sky.

Flight attendants have an irregular schedule — stewards depart for flights in the middle of the night and early in the morning. It happens that the flight schedule allows you to stay in the city for a couple of days — so you can combine work with rest. As a rule, you need per month Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 139 dated 21.11.2005 "On Approval of the Regulations on the Specifics of the Working Time and Rest Time of the Crew members of Civil Aviation Aircraft of the Russian Federation" to fly 80 hours.

2. Event organizer

He is also an event manager. This is a specialist who prepares various events — from weddings and parties to large-scale forums, exhibitions and conferences. You can enter the profession without a specialized education: first, try yourself as a volunteer at city events, and if you like it, offer your services to an event agency.

Large companies work with projects all over the country, so frequent (and sometimes long) business trips are the norm. And you also need to prepare for the fact that there will be really a lot of work. Event manager leads Profession Event Manager (event manager, entertainment manager) / Enroll online project from start to finish: develops the concept and scenario of the event, draws up a budget, looks for contractors, is engaged in the promotion and technical support of the event.

Mandatory requirements for such a jack—of-all-trades are sociability and the highest stress resistance. In general, if you are able to gather a dozen friends for kebabs so that everyone arrives on time, does not forget anything and does not quarrel in the process, then you can try yourself in organizing events.

3. Auditor

The main task of this specialist is to check What does the auditor do and how much does he earn? / National Institute of Retraining and Advanced Training of Personnel in the Field of economics and finance , whether the real property of the company corresponds to the data specified in the reports. Vacancies for the auditor will be found in catering, in production, and in trade — depending on the field, the schedule and working conditions may vary.

So, in retail chains operating throughout the country, auditors are waiting for regular business trips. There will be no surprises with sudden trips here — the inventory schedule is usually scheduled for months ahead. It is easier to check how things are going in the store when there are no customers there, so you will need to work at night. During the inventory, the auditor is in charge of the store, both the sellers and the manager report to him. You will not have to sort through the goods on the shelves yourself — a team of counters usually helps with this. The auditor checks the data on deliveries and sales, looks for losses and analyzes costs.

In such work, responsibility and punctuality will be useful, and it is not necessary to have a specialized education: companies that are looking for auditors can conduct training for candidates themselves.

Fix Price will help you quickly master the specialty of an auditor. Here they are looking for people who love traveling and are ready for weekly business trips from Moscow all over the country. Now Fix Price has almost 6,000 stores open: you can visit Altai and Karelia, see the Black Sea and Baikal.

Image: Fix Price

All business trip expenses are paid by the company, the auditor only needs to choose convenient tickets and a hotel. Inventories usually take place at night, and during the day you can sleep and walk around the new city. The salary of a novice auditor is 72,000 rubles, after a trial period it will grow to 78,000. You can respond to a vacancy without work experience, the company organizes training for beginners. Another plus is a young and friendly team, a premium subscription on the medical platform from the first working day and a minimum of bureaucracy.

View the vacancy

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