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The best Life Hacker Videos for 2018

03 May 2023, 06:49, parser
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Viewers' choice

What happens if you live for 7 days on 700 rubles

The video is a record holder: it has been viewed more than 800,000 times. The number of likes also shows that the efforts of the leading Ira were not in vain.

Top 5 stylish men's haircuts

In this video we have collected the most fashionable haircuts of 2018. Views, likes and comments confirm the theory that more and more modern men are trying to monitor their appearance.

6 ways to relieve toothache

In the video, we tell you what means will help alleviate suffering. The secret of the popularity of this video is simple: no one likes when a tooth hurts.

A hellish week that will change your life

"Hell Week" is an unusual way to pump up your life in a short time. In seven days you will learn to be productive, disciplined, responsible and focused. Tested on yourself.

Do you want to be productive? Get up at 4:30 a.m.

Another challenge in which our leading Ira participated. In the video, she tells what it's like to wake up before sunrise.

How to lose weight in 10 minutes a day. Fat burning workout

The topic of sports is one of the most popular among Life Hacker readers. That's why we made a video with interval training. Turn on, repeat and lose weight.

How to cook a barbecue. Chef reveals all the secrets of delicious meat

In this video, chef Daniil Znamensky helps to choose the right meat, marinate it, prepare a barbecue and coals and fry a delicious barbecue.

What to give a girl: 20 really useful gifts

The selection was made by our leading Ira, who knows exactly what it's nice to get a girl for any holiday.

How to liberate a girl in sex: 7 tips that will help in intimate life

In this video, we give advice from psychologists on how to overcome shyness and reveal yourself. It turned out, by the way, a lot of fun.

The whole truth about toy vending machines

Anyone who has ever tried to get a toy out of a vending machine is well aware of the feeling when it falls out of the claw at the very last moment. Now the viewers of our YouTube channel know how it works.

Command selection

Anton Vukolov
Head of the Lifehacker Video department

I'm willing to bet that if you grew up in the 90s, then you had a couple of books about dinosaurs, you watched Jurassic Park a hundred times and dreamed of becoming a paleontologist in general. We talked about it with colleagues, and yes, as a child, everyone really adored dinosaurs. So we decided, so to speak, to dig up this topic and made a video. I think it turned out very nice.

Oleg Imideev

I'm a simple person: I watched a video with a cat — I immediately liked it!

Olesya Shishko

For some reason, cooking videos somehow hypnotize me. Perhaps the reason is a tender love of food. Therefore, one of the favorite videos on the channel is about how Ira cooks borscht.

Irina Rogava
The host of the Lifehacker's YouTube channel

The video about how I kept an Orthodox fast for a month is my favorite for this year. Firstly, the refusal to eat (not only meat, there are still many kinds of restrictions) really became a challenge that I successfully overcame. And secondly, starting from this video, we have changed the format of our channel. And judging by the likes and comments, our viewers really liked it.

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