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About Everything Wiki » Video Tips » The best Life Hacker Challenges in 2018

The best Life Hacker Challenges in 2018

03 May 2023, 06:49, parser
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What will happen if you live for 7 days on 700 rubles

The most popular video on the Lifehacker's YouTube channel over the past year. Our presenter Irina Rogava began to notice that she was wasting a lot of money. Therefore, we came up with an experiment: Ira had to live for a whole week on only 700 rubles. We have arranged this test not to feel how terrible it is, but to prove that a person can do without the usual expenses.

How does Orthodox fasting affect health

We did not want to touch on religious topics, but simply decided to check what happens to a person's health during fasting. Ira stuck to it for a whole month and kept a video diary where she described her feelings. And at the end of the experiment, she even passed the tests. Look what happened.

A hellish week that will change your life

One of the toughest challenges on our channel. All week, Ira lived in the mode described in the book "At the Limit" by Norwegian coach Erik Bertrand Larssen. Each of the seven days had its own task. For example, Monday was devoted to habits, Wednesday to time management, and Sunday to summing up.

What is it for? Imagine an ideal day: you managed to do all the work, do sports, eat right, and even have time left for your favorite hobby. In one week you will see how your life could change if you approached it consciously.

What happens if you get up at 4:30 in the morning

This challenge divided our subscribers into two camps: larks who wanted to join it, and owls who doubted the effectiveness of the venture. During the experiment, Ira found that getting up at 4:30 is difficult, but the benefits of this cover everything.

How Meditation can change your Life

We know that some people may have negative associations with meditation. In their minds, it is firmly entrenched: where meditation is, there is esotericism with the opening of the chakras, access to the astral, refusal of food, water and everything mundane. But this practice can also solve the more mundane problems of an ordinary person. This is what Ira told us in our experiment. By the way, it's been six months, and she hasn't stopped practicing.

How to overcome shyness and meet people without problems

During the week, Irina met people in different situations: on a dating site, in a bar, on the street, in a taxi. By her example, she showed that leaving the comfort zone is not scary at all and is very useful.

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