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About Everything Wiki » Travel » How to find wi-fi passwords at the airport if there are no open networks

How to find wi-fi passwords at the airport if there are no open networks

04 May 2023, 15:16, parser
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The cheaper air tickets you buy, the more likely the connections will be longer. You save tens and hundreds of dollars on such difficult transits, but you get imprisoned in airports where, apart from inhaling the smells of cosmetics from Duty Free, there is nothing to do. You can read, you can watch a movie from a laptop or tablet. But I still really want to go online. Let me share my own experience of searching for wi-fi where it is not given for free or access is blocked with a password.

Skype to help you

The simplest advice I use is to install the Skype Wi—Fi application on your phone and tablet and almost always have access to the Internet at the expense of a Skype balance account. If you have Skype installed on your laptop and have money in your account, then in 90% of cases you will always be able to make a video call, check in, check your mail and do something urgent on the Internet. The tariff there is quite high — tens of cents per minute, but the Internet is fast. And don't be greedy — you've saved a lot of money on transit, remember? ;)

Internet from mobile operators

You can often see networks like Deutsche Telekom Free Wi-Fi, which when connected to them do not help solve the issue of Internet access. But this is only at first glance. Very often, after connecting to such networks, you will be driven to the web authorization page, from which most run away without understanding. There will be authorization forms on them and it seems that you will not break through. But often, it happens that you can get access for free. My last flight with transit through Munich, I connected to such a network and exchanged my phone number from Ukraine for 30 minutes of access (SMS verification) for a day. When the Internet ended, I exchanged my spouse's number for another 30 minutes (she sent me an authorization code by SMS). Time flew by unnoticed, and customers received long-awaited answers.

Foursquare — all waframe head

Using the temporary Internet obtained in the previous examples, or simply by making preliminary preparations at home before departure, you can collect access data directly in Foursquare. If I was flying through Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST), I would find it on :
Screenshot 2013-06-21 11.21.11
...and in a special search form for "types" I would look for something like:

Screenshot 2013-06-21 11.23.01

Now you need to choose what you need!
Screenshot 2013-06-21 11.24.02

Perhaps this search can be performed from the roaming Internet, if it is not prohibitively expensive for you.

Talk to people!

I'm not saying that it's better to talk to someone than to blunt on facebook* on the phone. That's understandable enough. But often not only tourists and visitors sit with you in the terminal, but also the local population. He has 3G/4G phones with him and shared gigabytes of prepaid Internet. Several times I just asked for such an Internet connection for 10 minutes (it was burning) and I was never refused. They just answer Sure, why not! Remember, you are a strange wanderer from Eastern Europe and, despite your smile and benevolence, it is better to share this miserable ten-minute Internet with you. Use your nature-given skill wisely ;)

Do you have your own internet search hacks at airports?

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