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About Everything Wiki » Technologies » FastStone Capture is the best program for taking screenshots

FastStone Capture is the best program for taking screenshots

03 May 2023, 13:08, parser
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When writing various reviews, and just blog posts, a program for taking screenshots is simply necessary. Of course, many people know that Windows itself can do this: press the Print Screen key — the entire visible screen is placed in the buffer, press Alt + Print Screen — the active window gets into the buffer. Using the FastStone Capture program — you are working in the top league of "screenshot creation".

FastStone Capture -- the best program for taking screenshots

The basic functionality for capturing images of the program is as follows:

  • taking a screenshot of the active window or the entire screen;
  • saving any object of any window;
  • saving a rectangular or polygonal selected screen element;
  • capturing a scrollable element in a browser or other program — you can take a screenshot of even the "longest" website.

With the captured elements, you can do the following:

  • save in all common web formats;
  • cut out any part of the captured screenshot;
  • add a description to the screenshot;
  • add the ragged edges effect, which has a lot of settings;
  • change the screenshot size (the resizing is done according to a good algorithm);
  • send to an external editor for editing;
  • send by mail or print.

In correction mode, you can add to the screenshot:

  • text labels;
  • arrows;
  • handwritten fragments;
  • rectangular and oval selection with or without fill;
  • color selection, like a marker on paper;
  • watermark from any image.

FastStone Capture -- the best program for taking screenshots

The program before version 5.5 was distributed absolutely for free, from this version it began to cost $19.95, and therefore either buy it or find an older version on file storages.

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