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About Everything Wiki » Survival » What to do if I met a wolf

What to do if I met a wolf

08 Jun 2023, 12:06, parser
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How to avoid a wolf

Meeting with a wolf is one of the most terrifying scenarios that can unfold in the forest. The height of the predator ranges from 66-86 centimeters, the body length is 105-160 centimeters — it is almost impossible to fight it. And he also has 42 teeth, strong legs and instincts that help detect the fear of a potential victim. Fortunately, humans are not the most common prey for wolves. This does not mean that they ignore people, but they do not attack at every meeting. But it is better to reduce the probability of a collision.

  • Don't go where wolves have been spotted. Even after information about predators appears, many people still go to their territory and believe that they will be lucky.
  • Assess the situation and do not lose vigilance. Wolf tracks (they look like dog tracks) are the reason to change the route and go home.
  • Keep children, the sick and the elderly in the center of the group. Wolves always attack the weakest, so they need to be covered by those whom the animals consider more dangerous. A predator can bypass a large group of people in which there is no obvious candidate for the role of victim.
  • To make a campfire at a halt. Fire and smoke will scare away the animal if it wanders near you.
  • Clean up after your dog excrement. If you took a pet for a walk, then clean up after her. Otherwise, you can attract the attention of a wolf.

What to do if I met a wolf

If it didn't work out to avoid the meeting, you will have to overcome your fear and prepare for the fight. Fortunately, it is not guaranteed — sometimes you can wait it out.

  1. Calm down. A rash decision can cost lives, so it is necessary to maintain self-control even with very serious fear.
  2. Don't turn your back on the wolf. If you decide to run away, then nothing will work — wolves are able to reach speeds of up to 60 km/ h. It takes them 4 meters to accelerate, so the pursuit will be short. If it is possible to retreat (for example, to the nearest tree), you need to retreat backwards.
  3. Don't make any sudden movements. The wolf can take any sharp gesture as an invitation to a fight.
  4. Don't look the wolf in the eye. You will have to monitor the actions of the beast with the help of peripheral vision — direct eye contact will be perceived as aggression.
  5. Evaluate the wolf's actions and the environment. If a predator decides to attack, you must have a plan. In order to defend yourself, it is better to have something behind your back ‑ for example, a tree will become an ally and a support. But it's better to climb on it. If there is a pond nearby, then you can go into the water up to your waist — the predator will not follow you.
  6. Take out your weapon. If you do not have a means of self-defense with you, then find a stone or at least a branch under your feet. Even if they are not suitable as weapons, they can be used to intimidate. If you still had to fight, then hit the nose — this is the weak point of the predator.
  7. Scare away the wolf. If the wolf began to approach, and there is nowhere to retreat, you can try to scare the enemy. Screams can make a predator doubt the expediency of an attack. Swing your arms and jump — so you will look like a bigger and more dangerous enemy.
  8. Throw him food. If you're lucky, the wolf will get distracted.

What to do after the meeting

  • Leave if you managed to avoid a fight. There is no need to run — the wolf can watch a potential victim and wait for the perfect moment to attack.
  • Prepare your weapons. Leaving the meeting place with the animal, do not relax and get ready for a new collision. It will be better if at least a boulder is in your hand by the beginning of it.
  • Get vaccinated against rabies if a wolf bites you. It is quite possible that the predator attacked precisely because of rabies.
  • Tell people that you met wolves. This information can save the lives of those who are going to go to the forest.
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