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About Everything Wiki » Survival » 9 excuses We come up with to not buckle up

9 excuses We come up with to not buckle up

03 May 2023, 19:11, parser
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It's sad, but a fact: most of us fasten our seat belts in the car not for safety, but to avoid a fine. However, among the drivers there are also those who, despite the risk of parting with money, do not use a seat belt for ideological reasons. Here are the most common reasons why many people drive unbuttoned.

1. Why a belt if there is an airbag

A triggered airbag with an unbuckled belt is dangerous in itself. To begin with, many cars equipped with airbags have electronics configured in such a way that the airbags turn off when the seat belt is not fastened. If you are not wearing a seat belt, the airbag in such cars simply will not work.

If you deceived the system and used a belt plug, then in an accident you will be thrown forward by inertia, towards the pillow. Since she shoots you in the face with great speed, head and neck injuries are guaranteed for you. This would not have happened if you had been secured with a belt.

2. I'm uncomfortable

Some complain that the belt restricts movement. However, the driver does not make many movements: turns the steering wheel, presses the pedals, switches speeds, turns his head, presses the buttons on the panel. If the belt interferes with something, it's trying to open the glove compartment, the passenger door, take off or put on outerwear, lean out the window or reach for something in the back seat - all that you can't do while driving.

No matter how angry it is, in these cases, the belt contributes even more to your safety, because it does not allow you to do extraneous things when driving a car.

In most cases, the inconvenience of the belt is simply the result of the lack of habit to fasten.

3. I won't have time to unfasten and burn

This is a very popular, but baseless excuse. For the car to catch fire, the collision must be very strong. In this case, the unbuckled driver will break his chest, head and neck before he has time to open the door and jump out. If you expect to escape by flying through the windshield, then remember that this is an exceptionally rare case. Much more often in such situations, those who were riding with a belt survive, managed to unfasten and run out of the car.

According to researchers, in 68% of cases, the steering column becomes the source of collision injuries, in 28.5% — the windshield, in 23.1% — the instrument panel, in 12.5% — the side rack. That's what you have to face before you burn out.

Even if a miracle happens and you stay alive, you will have such injuries that will not allow you to quickly jump out and win those few seconds that would have gone to unfasten the belt.

4. The belt will strangle me

To prevent this from happening, you need to adjust the belt correctly. Place it in such a position that it passes over the shoulder, not through the neck. At the same time, you can adjust both the belt itself and the height of the chair.

5. Yes, it's a five-minute drive here, I'm careful

According to statistics, about 80% of all accidents happen at a speed of less than 65 km/h. The vast majority of all fatal accidents occur within a radius of 40 kilometers from the victim's home.

You can be the most experienced, careful and attentive driver in the world, but this does not guarantee that an out-of-control truck will not crash into you. Five minutes is quite enough for this.

6. I'm generally a passenger

If you drive in the front passenger seat, in the event of an accident, you face all the same as the driver, with the exception of broken ribs by the steering wheel. But if you are not wearing a seat belt at the same time, you are guaranteed to hit the dashboard with your chest.

As for the passengers in the rear, when they collide, they crash into the front seats by inertia. If this happens at high speed, serious injuries are guaranteed. At the same time, not only the passengers sitting in the back will suffer, but also those sitting in front. Approximately the following will happen:

7. I have a baby in my arms

This is the worst thing you can think of for the safety of a child on a trip. At the moment of collision, you most likely will not hold the child, so he will fly forward and hit everything that will be in his way. And even if you manage to hold him, you will be thrown forward together and the main blow will fall on the child. Children can only be transported with the help of special child restraints.

8. The belt crumples and stains clothes, and also wipes the fur on the fur coat

To prevent belts from soiling clothes, they need to be washed sometimes, as well as all other interior details. It is enough to wipe them with a wet sponge once every couple of weeks along the entire length. If you are afraid of ruining your fur coat, change into a jacket in the car. So that the clothes do not crumple, you can buy special soft pads on the belt.

In the event of a serious accident, the end may come to you, and a fur coat, and a perfectly pressed shirt.

9. Belts are useless

According to statistics, in a collision, the use of seat belts saves the lives of almost 50% of drivers and passengers in the front seats and 25% of passengers in the rear seats. When the car is overturned, the fastened belt reduces the probability of death of the driver and passengers by five times.

Not bad indicators, considering that we are talking about human lives.

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