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Jaikuroo — the best tool for working in Jaiku

02 May 2023, 11:58, parser
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Today, all the news blogs reported about the acquisition of the amazing online service Jaiku by Google. Interest in the service has grown just like an avalanche, and therefore there is a need for an effective tool to work with this service. He was chosen among several alternatives to Jaikuroo, an overview of which is read below.


This software requires an installed package to work.NET 2.0 Framework. If you don't have one, you can download the Jaikuroo version from .NET with a total "weight" of 23.8 MB, if you already have everything installed, then Jaikuroo in its "pure" form will pull only 649Kb.


The first thing that catches your eye is the amazing interface, which is also flexibly configurable. The main functionality of the Jaiku client is as follows:

  • displaying the avatars of your contacts;
  • displaying channels, all messages from users of the service, or only yours and your "friends";
  • setting the time interval for updating the feed;
  • adding icons to your posts;
  • changing your location;
  • automatic shortening of long URLs using ;
  • displaying reduced copies of photos from Flickr or CD covers of music listened to by your contacts with the display in ;
  • ...and much more!

Be sure to deal with Jauku and his client Jaikuroo — this is a modern and very convenient communication tool!

P.S. Registration in Jaiku is currently made only by invitations, which you can request in the comments to this post by specifying your email address (just write it somehow implicitly, but so that we understand, otherwise these spammers ...

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