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About Everything Wiki » Relationships » How to test a relationship for strength using the orange peel theory

How to test a relationship for strength using the orange peel theory

20 Jan 2024, 00:01, parser
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What is the orange peel theory

This is the name What Is The Orange Peel Theory About / TikTok a new popular TikTok trend. He is motivated by people's desire to find out if they are able to understand their partners and their feelings. The idea of the orange peel theory is based on a person's tendency to perform simple tasks for someone, regardless of whether they were asked to do so or not. For example, peel an orange.

But the point is not in the action itself, which is easy to do on your own, but in the fact that any small help reflects care, deep affection and devotion. The repetition of such actions makes the relationship healthier and happier. These gestures, seemingly simple and mundane, are actually crucial to building a strong partnership where there is love and support.

In fact, the orange peel theory involves testing the foundation of a relationship for strength. And TikTok users comment on their situation in different ways, based on observations made taking into account the theory, both in a positive and negative way. It all comes down to whether the partner responds to the request without asking questions, or starts complaining that he is "constantly being asked" for a favor.

The idea is that we are all the time subconsciously looking for signals that will convince us of our partner's feelings and show that he knows well what we like and what we don't like, and is ready to try his best to make us happy.

Why does the orange peel theory make sense

Constant expressions of care not only prove that a partner cares, but also create a comfortable, trusting environment in order to further get to know each other and deepen emotional connection. When a partner demonstrates his affection by making seemingly meaningless efforts, he subconsciously gives the green light to a feeling of greater security in the relationship.

Besides the fact that small gestures of kindness bring us instant satisfaction and joy, they strengthen the foundation of relationships and our sense of self-worth. It may seem obvious, but many people have a little inner critic who tells them that they don't deserve to be treated well. Therefore, when a partner says nice words or does good deeds, it benefits not only the relationship itself, but also our self-esteem and self-confidence.

There is another point of view, according to which rare broad gestures can prove love more convincingly. It is reinforced by romantic stories from popular culture, when, for example, the characters propose marriage on the roof of a skyscraper or rush through the entire airport to finally confess their feelings at the plane ramp. But in everyday life, it is constant signs of attention that show us how a partner really treats us.

How does all this manifest itself in real life

Despite the fact that the orange peel theory is based on one specific action, the concept itself covers a wide range of behaviors. We are talking about daily manifestations of tenderness, which individually may not be immediately noticeable, but all together give a clear idea of the status of the relationship.

Here are some examples of what a partner can do:

  • Clean your shoes after walking.
  • To meet you at the bus stop when it's raining and you don't have an umbrella.
  • Order your favorite pizza after a hard day's work.
  • To wash the dishes.
  • Pick up your orders at the pick-up point.

The key point here is that the partner does not always warn you about their actions, and you may not always ask for them. At the same time, he does not present his behavior as something special and does not demand anything in return.

In addition, the orange peel theory extends to less utilitarian little things, including, for example, active listening, support during difficult days, time spent together, celebrating successes and expressing affection (take a hand, hug, leave a love note).

How to apply the orange peel theory

It is important to emphasize that different people show affection in different ways. But if the orange peel theory proves anything, it's that constant small acts of kindness unequivocally let a partner know that they are being taken care of.

If you want to be treated like this, set an example and start behaving like this yourself, regularly showing care and attention towards your loved one. Choose the ways that you consider the most expressive and that you would appreciate yourself: from making coffee in the morning to sending a sweet message or hugging just like that.

Talking is another important part of the process. You just have to remember that his goal is to improve the relationship, not to criticize each other. Choose the right time and place, focus on the positive aspects of your union and specify your desires.

For example, explain exactly what you mean by small gestures of care, ask your partner what he thinks about it, and find out what prevents him from meeting your needs. Perhaps he thinks that you will perceive such behavior as condescending guardianship and a hint of your lack of independence, and does not want to annoy you.

To make the conversation easier, you can show your partner those TikTok videos about the orange peel theory. This will give you the opportunity to discuss everything without directly affecting your relationship.

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