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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » External programs for working with the GTD service Remember The Milk

External programs for working with the GTD service Remember The Milk

02 May 2023, 11:04, parser
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If you have one task list for both work and home, and you can't afford an Exchange server or similar commercial solutions, then the best thing you can offer is to use the free Remember The Milk service, whose blog has published a list of five applications for better working with it.

1. Remember the Moof Dashboard Widget for OS X

MacOSX users should like the Remember the Moof widget, which filters tasks by both lists and tags.

Remember the Moof

2. RTM Tool for Windows

RTM Tool for Windows is a native Windows application that fully reveals all the benefits of Remember The Milk by setting tasks with expiration dates and tags. You can also set up global hotkeys as you like.

RTM Tool for Windows

3. RTM connector for Thunderbird

If you use the Thunderbird mailer with the Lightning calendar plugin, then try the RTM connector for Thunderbird, an excellent plugin that will add a task management system with full synchronization with RTM to your email client.

4.Update tasks using Launchy

A little trick on how to add tasks using Launchy using sending tasks by e-mail to RTM.

5. RTM on the Windows desktop

We offer you an available manual about how to add Windows RTM to the desktop using the built-in Active Desktop function.

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