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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » 13 ways to increase your own motivation

13 ways to increase your own motivation

02 May 2023, 10:39, parser
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Sometimes applying a lot of knowledge and effort, as a result, we still do not get the desired result. In this case, we need emotional support for our activities, in other words, motivation. How can you increase your motivation?

Here they are:

1. Why

Falling into difficulty, do not try to focus on it, it will not help. In this case, it is useful to ask why or what is your difficulty. If the answer is not found, then you should not dwell on the problem.

2. 5 minutes

Start with a small case for 5 minutes. A little effort after that will be enough to continue working.

3. Move

It may sound silly, but it works!

4. Next action

Can't work on the project anymore? Focus only on the next specific action.

5. Find the problem

What prevents you from working? What exactly is the problem? Find and solve it.

6. Dispel fears

Hidden fears or worries can seriously complicate the process and significantly distance you from completing the work.

7. Find a partner

Someone who can get your motivation back when you yourself are already too lazy or tired.

8. A sharp start

Plan for tomorrow. Transfer all the most difficult tasks to the morning.

9. Read books

Any books that might have fresh ideas. The process of thinking about new ideas is always a good workout for your brain.

10. Use the right applications

Weak computers, inefficient applications, constantly flying programs can kill your motivation. Avoid difficulties that can reduce it to zero.

11. There are no small problems

They either have to be resolved as well as the most serious ones, or they will kill all your drive in relation to work.

12. Develop the mantra

Find something that will motivate you and help you focus. And it doesn't matter what it will be. If you don't know where to start, then just "do it now!" will do for a start.

13. Develop success

Success breeds success. Even your smallest victory will increase your motivation. Develop and consolidate success!

And what makes you not give up? How do you increase motivation?

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