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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » Windows Live Writer 2 is probably the perfect free blog client for Windows

Windows Live Writer 2 is probably the perfect free blog client for Windows

02 May 2023, 10:38, parser
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A person who writes his blog has no doubt that it is best to do this not with the help of the web interface of your blog platform, but with the help of special software. One of the few really bright representatives of this category of software is a blog client from Microsoft - Microsoft Live Writer (WLW), which has recently been updated to the second version, but is still in Beta status. What is new about this software product during a cursory inspection?,, screenshot, free Windows blog client, links, online

The announced innovations are as follows:

  • full-fledged editing of tables (generated HTML is as clean as possible);
  • adding categories directly from the client to the blog bypassing the "admin panel";
  • creating static information pages in blogs on WordPress and TypePad, moreover, you can create a tree-like structure of the static part of the blog directly in the client;
  • an amazing hyperlink insertion system (the idea is that you can both register a link in the classic way, and select a link to your previous post from any blog registered in WLW directly in the program, without going to the browser);,, screenshot, links, link, link, browser

  • automatic saving of typed online, as well as full synchronization of content;
  • integration with Windows Live Gallery;
  • support for Blogger platform tags directly from WLW;
  • expanded the list of hotkeys;
  • checking only English grammar so far;

The functionality of WLW can be expanded using third-party plugins. For example, I use a very convenient plugin for inserting images from Flickr.,, screenshot, flickr, pictures, plugin

If we talk about blog platforms and personal diary hosting, which are supported out of the box by WLW, then their list is worthy of the deepest respect:

  • Windows Live Spaces (Microsoft's proprietary blogging service);
  • SharePoint Weblog (this is a solution for corporate users who use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server for corporate blogging, mainly on the intranet, etc.);
  • others (this is the most interesting):


Also, it is worth noting that WLW is perfectly integrated into the Vista Aero interface, which gives it a huge aesthetic advantage over competitors.

In general, at the moment it is difficult to find a completely free blog client with similar functionality, and if you consider that the distribution "weighs" only 5.4 Mb, then Windows Live Writer 2 Beta is the best solution for any blogger today!

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