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How to improve concentration

11 Jun 2023, 00:01, parser
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Research confirms P. Lorenz‑Spreen, B. Mørch Mønsted, et al. Accelerating dynamics of collective attention / Nature Communications that every year our concentration of attention decreases. This affects both professional and personal life. Fortunately, you can detect the problem in time and solve it with a few simple steps.

How to recognize problems with concentration

It is not difficult to determine the level of concentration of attention. On the Internet, you can find several tests at once, for example in English or in Russian. You can also use Schulte tables — they are usually used to develop speed reading skills, counting and improving memory, but they are also suitable for our purpose.

Problems with concentration of attention can be indicated by the following signs:

  • You often forget something.
  • It is difficult for you to stay focused for a long time while completing one task.
  • You periodically get the feeling that your head is no longer thinking.
  • You get distracted a lot, especially when you hear someone else's speech.

How to increase concentration

Unfortunately, there is no quick way. But there are several techniques that can help with regular practice.

1. Do mindfulness exercises

If you've never done this before, start with the basics, such as the "5-4-3-2-1" exercise. The numbers in its name mean the following:

  • 5 — pay attention to the five objects that you see next to you;
  • 4 — select four things you can touch;
  • 3 — focus on the three sounds you hear;
  • 2 — feel the two smells that surround you;
  • 1 — find one thing that you can taste.

Try to fix the perception of the situation around you more often, take time to study the work or home space. Such a small workout will make you much more attentive.

2. Listen actively

This means not only consciously making an effort to hear what your interlocutor is saying. It is important to spend time and mental energy on the "internal processing" of the information received. This approach also helps to pump mindfulness.

3. Take breaks

It sounds strange, but conscious breaks really improve concentration. Take a break from business, leave the office, take a walk around the office, pour yourself a coffee or breathe fresh air for 5-10 minutes. When you return to your place, it will be easier for you to keep your focus on tasks and your productivity will significantly increase.

In addition, conscious breaks relieve the guilt that inevitably arises during spontaneous pauses when we scroll through the news or sit in TikTok instead of working.

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