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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » Gmail Ninja: Black Belt

Gmail Ninja: Black Belt

08 May 2023, 07:26, parser
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We have already written about the white belt and the green belt. Master a new technique!

Black Belt: I get hundreds of messages a day.

1. Assign a shortcut function to certain keys on your keyboard.

Thus, you will be able to quickly access various features.

2. Use the special features of the Gmail search engine.

For example, if you need to find a letter from Anastasia, and you know for sure that it contained an attached file, then you should enter: from: Anastasia contains: attached file. Enable the auto-search function, which will also save you a lot of time.

3. Check whether the message was sent to you personally.

To do this, enable the function for determining the degree of personalization. If the message was sent to a large number of recipients, including you, then there will be a single arrow sign (") next to it. And if the message is intended only for you, then there will be two arrows (").

4. Make Gmail work even without an internet connection.

When you're offline, you can still keep sending messages. They will be placed in the outgoing messages folder and automatically sent to the specified addresses when an Internet connection appears.

5. The process of attaching files to messages has become even faster.

If you want to attach multiple files from the same folder, then just hold down the Ctrl key and click on each file.

6. Install response templates.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to respond to a lot of emails with almost the same message, then create response templates and save them. You can also create special filters that will use these templates when responding to a specific group of messages that you have specified.

7. Use the “Send and archive” function.

Configure the “Send and Archive” key so that it is available to you when sending a message. By pressing one key, you will complete two tasks – send a message and automatically archive it.

Black belt

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