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About Everything Wiki » Photography » 7 tips to help make the perfect dog photo

7 tips to help make the perfect dog photo

11 Jun 2023, 12:03, parser
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1. Tune in to the shooting

Choose a safe place and make sure you have enough time. If you are in a hurry and stay in a tense state all the time, then your model will definitely notice it. Don't be overly ambitious, but also don't lose confidence that you will definitely be able to take at least a few great pictures.

2. Be flexible

Precise planning of shooting with dogs does not work: you can make the animal feel uncomfortable. Don't be afraid to improvise and adapt to the behavior of your model.

And don't be tempted to do everything the way you originally intended — even if the perfect picture is right in front of your eyes.

3. Don't forget that every model needs motivation

As in the case of people, you should not expect that the dog will pose just like that — it needs to be motivated somehow. You can use your pet's favorite treat or a squeaker toy.

If you are not shooting your dog, then ask its owner what she loves most and what should be taken with you to the photo shoot.

4. Don't stop moving

Prepare in such a way that your model does not have to stay in one place for too long — this is unnatural for animals. At the same time, remember that shooting can exhaust both you and the dog.

Therefore, periodically take breaks and do not shoot for more than two hours. However, the last rule can be ignored if the model is particularly active.

Remember that you are unlikely to be able to make a dog just freeze in a certain position. Attract her attention with a toy, and then you will definitely be able to capture a focused or happy pet.

5. Think like a dog

If you want to capture a dog in an interesting angle, then mentally you will have to become one yourself. Rely on your instincts — so you can get the most out of every crucial moment of shooting.

Take photos from the bottom position to show the world from the point of view of the beast. And of course, learn to react to the actions of your model as quickly as possible, because animals are extremely unpredictable.

6. Consider the individuality of the dog

Strive to take photos that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also tell something about the dog itself. Find a shooting location that matches the spirit of the animal, or try to capture the pet in his own world.

For example, if you have a young and cheerful model, take a picture of her playing or digging a hole. To convey the elegance of an exhibition dog, you can take it to the old part of the city with unusual architecture.

And don't be afraid to shoot white animals on a white background and black ones on black. It's not easy, but the result can be amazing.

7. Remember that the camera and lens matter

What you shoot on is not a key factor for creating good photos. But the equipment is still important and can help out in a difficult moment.

Dogs are incredibly mobile creatures. Therefore, it is important that the camera can focus fast enough and take as many frames per second as possible.

As for the lens, you will need a wide-angle high-power glass to create a fabulous effect bokeh . It is also advisable to bring a telephoto lens with you — in case the model runs away and starts doing something really interesting.

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