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Why reading the news is a waste of time

03 May 2023, 03:21, parser
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Saving time is not the only reason to give up reading the news forever.

News, especially in the format to which we are accustomed, not only does not help to develop the brain and memory, but, on the contrary, promotes the development of superficial thinking, provokes multitasking and buries a person under tons of unnecessary information.

But let's take it in order, why you should stop sticking to the news in the mornings, evenings and at any convenient time.

News is exciting and addictive

News has ceased to be just messages about what is happening — they have become a means of earning money. Therefore, many news programs, channels, websites and applications are fighting for the attention of the consumer, that is, you.

Most of the news will not cause you any reaction if you submit it normally, without sensationalism and catchy expressions. Therefore, people who tell you about the news, specially embellish, substitute concepts and make sensations out of ordinary events.

Moreover, the news will not let you go just like that. After reading one sensation, which actually turned out to be a dummy, you catch the next similar news with your eyes, and it's a sensation again, and you switch to it again.

As a result, you get stuck fast and waste time on useless information for you, which is submitted in such a way that it is almost impossible to refuse to read it.

You won't miss the really important news

Not only are you wasting your time, you still get nothing in return. After all, most of the news does not really concern you in any way and does not affect your work, standard of living, relationships.

If the news you read is not directly related to your profession or even to the country in which you live, they are very likely not useful to you. Even to start a conversation with a stranger in a bar or to break an awkward pause in a conversation.

It may seem that by ignoring news resources, you fall out of the life of society. That's not so.

Firstly, most of the news grinds long-past or not yet come, but "very expected" events.

Secondly, you will learn really serious and important news about cardinal changes in the world from other people: friends and relatives will tell you, you will see a parody in a funny public, you will read on the entrance door, you will hear after the siren sounds on the street.

News has a bad effect on the brain and spoils the mood

Initially, our brain automatically believes in everything that other people say and write. A little later, you rethink the information and, perhaps, doubt what you have written. But there is one important point here — a waste of energy.

Due to the survival mechanism honed over the centuries, the brain does not like to waste energy, and doubts and reflections are costly.

Flipping through the news in a relaxed way, you don't even think about whether it's true or fiction of newsmen to attract attention.

You automatically believe everything that is written and jump from one short news to another. The brain gets used to superficial thinking, and it becomes increasingly difficult for you to focus on serious things, to delve into a particular topic.

The abundance of fast information and catchy content changes the way of thinking itself, so that a person is less able to concentrate. Doesn't sound very attractive, does it?

Moreover, the news also harms your emotional sphere, bringing into it empty frustrations about what you cannot change. Our life is already filled with worries and stresses, is it worth adding to it a negative that does not apply to you in any way?

You are not adding knowledge — you are wasting time

Only a very small percentage of news brings useful information to people, the rest of the articles are needed solely for entertainment. This is easy knowledge that is forgotten almost immediately after reading and does not give you anything.

Reading entertainment informational fast food distracts you from really important things, but it's just as difficult to give it up as snacking on a fast food chain. When I got used to flipping through news resources and public sites with an easy presentation of information, at first I will have to force myself to read at least fiction, not to mention professional.

But when you do decide to take this step and remove everything related to "consumer news" from your life, very soon you will feel all the advantages: thinking itself will change and more time will be freed up for really useful things.

And how do you feel about reading the news?

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