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About Everything Wiki » Music » Despacito and Baby Shark: Netizens named songs that could be played in Hell

Despacito and Baby Shark: Netizens named songs that could be played in Hell

16 Jan 2024, 00:02, parser
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An interesting new thread has appeared on Reddit You have arrived in Hell. What song is playing on repeat? / Reddit . In it, users discuss which song could be played in hell — if it were a single song on repeat. We have selected several popular answers.

1. "Thunder from Imagine Dragons", — theywarp.

2. "Anything from Imagine Dragons" - Turbulent-Grass910.

3. "It's a familiar intro, but you don't understand if it's Under Pressure or Ice Ice Baby. And the loss is turned on again a second before you can figure out which song it is," — writeorelse.

4. "If it's not Raphael's Final Act from Baldur's Gate 3, I'm not going there," hgaben90.

5. "It's amazing that no one has mentioned What Does the Fox Say yet," hgaben90.

6. "I'm deaf, and I still know it's Cotton Eye Joe,"Leeroy_D.

7. "Highway to Hell, of course. Or Stairway to Heaven, if the management decides to have fun," — 20milliondollarpi.

8. "Don't Stop Believin'" ("Don't stop believing"). You're damned to always listen to a terrible song with the most inappropriate lyrics for the situation." — WatchOutWedge.

9. «Meghan Trainor — All About That Bass. I hate this song. She came out when I was in eighth grade, and she was on the radio all the time. I hated her then, I hate her now, and I will always hate her," — greeneyes_65.

10. "The whole Christmas playlist that was turned on at my office today" — Shimmyfallon.

11. "Anything from the soundtrack to the movie "Cats"," — Dogdaysareover365.

12. "This should be your favorite song. Listening to her over and over again, you will gradually hate her. This is hell," — Air-Bo.

As a bonus, we have compiled a playlist of the songs mentioned in the thread. The content ranges from objectively bad songs to just hackneyed tracks — listen with caution.

What songs would you add to this list?

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