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About Everything Wiki » Music » 8 Bluetooth speakers, for which there is no shame. Lifehacker Readers' Choice

8 Bluetooth speakers, for which there is no shame. Lifehacker Readers' Choice

29 May 2023, 14:01, parser
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Recently, a Life Hacker asked his readers which Bluetooth speakers they use. The absolute leaders in the number of mentions were JBL speakers and Yandex Stations, but other devices were also named. We chose 8 still relevant models that were mentioned in the comments most often.

JBL Go 3

Illustration: JBL

The third generation of the popular compact speaker received IP67 water and dust protection and a backpack loop. It weighs only 209 grams and has dimensions of 8.6 × 6.9 × 4 cm. Power to match the size: 4.2 watts. The device provides up to 5 hours of battery life and is charged via USB-C instead of the outdated microUSB that was in Go 2.

Price: 2,899 rubles.


Yandex Station Mini 2

Illustration: Yandex

The main feature of the second generation "Mini" has become a display on which you can display the time, weather or timer. The power of the speaker itself has grown to 10 watts (against 3 watts in the first version), the support for "Alice", of course, has been preserved. Also among the advantages is an audio port for connecting a speaker to other acoustics.

Price: 5,990 rubles without a watch, 6,990 rubles with a watch.

Without a watch With clock

JBL Flip 5

Illustration: JBL

This column is larger than the previous two, and the size resulted in two significant advantages: decent autonomy (up to 12 hours of operation) and powerful sound — 20 watts. The 4,800 mAh battery is charged via USB-C. The device weighs 540 g and supports combining into a stereo pair.

Price: from 7,380 rubles, depending on the colors.


Huawei Sound Joy

Illustration: Huawei

In fact, this is an analog of the JBL Flip from Huawei, but much more interesting . The French Devialet was responsible for sound tuning. There are four speakers inside: a full-frequency 20 W, a high-frequency 10 W and a pair of passive radiators on the sides. A pair of these speakers can be combined into a stereo system.

The possibility of autonomous operation of up to 26 hours is claimed — thanks to a large 8,800 mAh battery. There is a very fast charging, which is rare among audio speakers, and IP67 moisture protection, which will help you survive a walk in the rain or immersion in water.

Price: 6,990 rubles.


Anker Soundcore Motion+

Illustration: Anker

Although Anker is famous for chargers, power banks and cables, the brand also has audio equipment. The medium-sized Soundcore Motion+ speaker accommodates four speakers: two of 10 watts and two of 5 watts. The aptX codec is supported. Autonomy — up to 12 hours, USB-C is used for recharging. The case has IPX7 moisture protection. Although the column is plastic, it is quite weighty: 1,050 g.

Price: 6,776 rubles.


Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2

Illustration: Xiaomi

Another variation on the theme of portable Bluetooth speakers, but this time from Xiaomi. This device is characterized by a minimalistic design, aluminum housing and impressive autonomy: up to 10 hours of operation with a modest 1,200 mAh battery. The power of the speaker is 5 watts, Bluetooth 4.2 or AUX connector is used for connection.

Price: 2,359 rubles.


Yandex Light Station

Illustration: Yandex

This speaker has no display, the case is completely plastic, and the speaker power is only 5 watts. Its main purpose is to communicate with Alice and control the smart home, but you can also listen to music: the sound quality is at the level of JBL Go. Although not portable, it is very compact: dimensions 90 × 55 × 90 mm, weight 230 g.

Price: 3,990 rubles.


Apple HomePod mini

Illustration: Apple
The miniature speaker from Apple has three speakers: one is pointing down and reproduces low frequencies, the other two are broadband and are located on the sides. It is available to combine into a stereo system for better sound and work in intercom mode.

Siri voice control is supported, and the assistant can recognize the voices of family members and give out relevant information like events from a personal calendar. At the beginning of the year, the column started speaking in Russian, although it never officially reached Russia.

Price: from 10,920 rubles, depending on the colors.


All prices are valid at the time of publication. 

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