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About Everything Wiki » Motivation » 7 habits of a loser

7 habits of a loser

02 May 2023, 10:33, parser
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1. See problems in every opportunity

The loser sees the bad even in the absolutely good. He is looking for or inventing possible negative consequences, just to justify his idleness. He often talks about the luck of others in order to hide his inability to achieve something significant.

2. Shift responsibility

Lack of self-confidence leads to the fact that the loser sees himself as a victim of a cruel environment. He feels that others are to blame for his failures.

3. Constantly making excuses

He often uses expressions like "It's not my business", "I'm not responsible for it" in response to suggestions and comments.

4. Quickly put up with defeat

A loser can often change jobs, giving up a dream in the name of a new dream, but always finds a way to justify doing nothing.

5. Depend on TV and lotteries

The loser spends more time in front of the TV screen than for useful activities. In addition, he dreams of getting rich in an instant, so he is addicted to all kinds of lotteries.

6. Constantly looking for someone else's approval

A loser strives to please others, no matter what he does. He makes up an idea of himself based on the opinions of others.

7. Not knowing what you want from life

The loser wants to be rewarded immediately. His opinions and judgments change faster than those of politicians. He sincerely does not understand himself to the end and cannot find a purpose in life.

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