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About Everything Wiki » Motivation » So, did fatigue or laziness disarm you? Looking for an answer

So, did fatigue or laziness disarm you? Looking for an answer

02 May 2023, 10:32, parser
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In fact, sometimes it is difficult to understand what is holding us back from performing the tasks facing us productively. Especially if these tasks are either unusual or tedious. My eyes are almost glued together, and there is no motivation. So what is stopping us, laziness or fatigue? Let's try to figure it out together with Ali Hale.
Ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • How long have I been working today?
    If you have just sat down at the table after your morning coffee, and you don't want to do anything anymore, then the answer is obvious — it's laziness and you need to accelerate.

    However, everything is not so straightforward, if this is the morning after a ten-day work shift, then you should not blame the body, on the contrary, you should take a day off and spend time recuperating. Even a couple of days at your own expense will help you become much more efficient and not only make up for lost time, but also do more than you expected.

    And if you have already worked for four hours without a break, do I need to tell you the answer? Get some rest. At least an hour.

  • How do I feel?
    Figure out what is behind the reluctance to work right now? If you have a boring part of the work ahead of you, then you can push yourself to overcome laziness. The main thing here is to start.

    Sometimes the reason is hidden a little deeper. Perhaps you are exhausted, tired or have succumbed to stress and you absolutely do not want to do anything until the end of days? Don't put pressure on yourself in this case — you need to get distracted and relax.

    If thoughts about stopping came to you right in the middle of any task, take a closer look at your work schedule, perhaps you should break the work into slightly smaller pieces, alternating it with rest.

  • What will I feel after ten minutes?
    If you are still not sure what is the reason for the reluctance to work, try the following recipe. Close the mail, ICQ and other Twitter and RSS readers that do not relate to work and record the time or set a timer. Work for 10 minutes, trying your best. And now check how you feel. If you are involved, then you have overcome your laziness, and if work is still unbearable at the moment, rest will definitely not hurt you.

Are You Just Feeling Lazy Or Do You Need A Break? [ Ali Hale ]

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